4G LTE Internet Connection for Small Business

Hi Guys,
I have a Fiber Internet connection for a small business (around 100 users) and everything works fine.
The other day the Internet went down, and as you can imagine everybody was in a bad mood.

Now I need to find a backup Internet access solution.

I'm thinking that a 4G LTE Internet Connection could be a good backup solution for a small business, but I called Verizon and they tell me that it won't work, too many users.

Can you please explain to me why having this kind of connection for a 100 users won't work? even if it is as a backup solution.

Thanks Guys.
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Ya that's definitely too many users for a connection like that.

First of all, the built in routers they use on those devices are crap, and definitely cannot support 100 users, however even if you used your own router in front of the 4G connection, the connection would be pretty much unusable if more than a few people are using it.

Verizon also has a restriction on the number of users that can access a mobile connection, so you would be outside their terms of service if you attempted it.

While 100 users may seem 'small' if you require a backup internet feed, then you need to bring in a second wired ISP. Ideally from the other side of the building, sharing no underground wiring (in case public works cuts your cord). This is a more robust system, however it may be cost prohibitive.

Using existing wiring with a second ISP is your cheapest alternative, however it won't work if the pipes get cut underground, which is a leading cause of commercial internet outages.
cargexAuthor Commented:
Hi themrobert,
Today one can buy a 4G LTE connection that can handle 12Mbps, which could be pretty much the same speed as a regular wired DSL connection. That at least if it is one user only.

Can you please elaborate on why the wireless 4G LTE connection would degrade faster as we add users to the Internet connection than say a wired DSL connection?

I need to come up with technical reasons, thanks.
Well aside from the fact that it's outside your terms of service, and therefore leaves you open to get shut off at any moment... (which technically is a problem)

The upspeed may not be not be enough for you, but the primarily concern is likely latency: it's going to be huge.

It will take a lot longer for many small packets to go through than it would on a typical wired network, which is why more users causes problems faster, so even though that may be enough bandwidth, the greatly increased number of packets from that many users is going to be a problem.
Maidine FouadEngineerCommented:
hey Cargex

the backup solution will depend on what allocated budget you have & Pricing of ISP's

Like @○themrrobert Said 100 users is indeed alot for 4g , Finding a second Good Wired ISP is better but if you cant then you need to take account of an issue :

Do your users use very-high traffic apps at work ?  

I suggest monitoring first for few days the traffic with some tool like this one, See how much Traffic you have ,  So you can have an idea on how much goes through your network

So that you Can choose between the 2  alternatives Satellite Connection or 4G (Eventually wired cause it is better) :


Its faster then dial up , Can handle Very high bandwidth usage , Generally speaking you have a bandwidth cap that when you reach , the overall connection is throttled down ( becomes slower) until next month for example ...

You need a dish pointing where the other dishes point at (usually south ) , also a modem depending on the Carrier  ,Trees& Buildings can obstruct and weaken the signal .


if its 12mb you would need at least 7   4G Connections to server most of the users ,and it could still be slow ... and a huge amount of things to set up and take account of network&hardware wise ...  a big mess ,But it’s better than not having internet access at all.

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cargexAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much Guys.
I will follow Fouad advise and do a little monitoring before making a decision.
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