Time out of a cell

I have column of data in the following format:

10/26/2015  1:16:41 PM

In the column next to it, I just want the time of day in military time. So it would just say 13:16:41


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In the column where you want military time, try formatting it by selecting the number format drop down, going to "More Number Formats," selecting "custom," and then in the right pane selecting the format h:mm:ss

Once this is formatted, enter data into the cell as "=(reference cell)"
You can then drag the format down the entire column
You may need to apply a formula to not display text in cells that are referencing cells with no data

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You can use the =IF(ISBLANK(referenced cell),"",referenced cell) formula and copy it down over the entire military column. It worked for me, now if the column with the date and time is empty, the military time cell shows empty. When the cell with date and time is not empty, the military time column shows military time.

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cansevinAuthor Commented:
I need it only be the time... not just show the time. It is showing properly but in reality the date is still attached to it.
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I must have misunderstood you. So in the column on the left, you do not want the date associated, and the column on the right, just to be military?
When I put in what I described above, the military column is just time, with no date. Can you paste in a picture?
If you are trying to remove the date from the left column, you can format it as More Number Formats>Custom> h:mm AM/PM
Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
Their are couple of things you can do..

1. Assuming you have value in a1..then ctrl+1 and change the display to time and select the appropriate time that you are looking for...However that will change the format only and the date will also be their..

2. If you want to remove date completely and just see the time then in B1 enter this formula...


Open in new window

Change the format to the necessary one and now you will see time only without date..

Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)Commented:
As dates and times are stored as Double, with dates the whole numbers and times the fraction, strip out the whole date number leaving only the fraction using the MOD function...


...then format it as desired.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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