How to deploy the *.aspx and *.aspx.cs pages only

How can I deploy only *.aspx and *.aspx.cs  without deploying the dll in production.  
Is there any way we can setup the project to so after I copy the page2.aspx and page2.aspx.cs without mysite.dll in production the production site worked with my new changes

Local PC
   Page2.aspx               (Modified)
   Page2.aspx.cs          (Modified)

Bharat GuruAsked:
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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
if you have the mysite.dll the CS files are compiled into that . . . so the CS pages are doing nothing.  

If you don't use the .dll the aspx and CS pages will be used and compiled into a temporary directory (and then again when an update is made to a CS file).
käµfm³d 👽Commented:

Are you sure about that?  I thought only website projects had dynamic compilation. Web applications have to be compiled.
Bharat GuruAuthor Commented:
How can I verify if my website is using dll or asps.cs files?
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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
easy test:  Remove one of the CS pages (or rename to .bak) and hit that page.  If it still works you're using the DLL.  Or You can even add a response.write("Hello World") into the CS file page_load event and hit the page . . . if you see the hello world, you're using the cs if not definitely  the DLL.

@Kaufmed . . . website projects can still be published . . . which essentially compiles it down to the DLL and the content.

If you have the DLL and the CS files I'm pretty sure the cs files are ignored.

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käµfm³d 👽Commented:

I am aware of that. But if this is a web application, then you cannot use dynamic code. (At least I didn't think you could.)
Bharat GuruAuthor Commented:
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