Cannot get onblur function to work in JavaScript

I am trying to use JavaScript in Dreamweaver to validate a form input. What I would like to do is to have the person enter an email address and a password in the "Password" textbox and the same password again in the "Verify Password" texbox. If the user clicks on the email textbox and then leaves it without entering a value then an alert should be displayed reminding the user to enter a value for the email and setting the focus back to the email textbox. The same goes for the "Password" and "Verify Password" textboxes. Once the user clicks away from the "Verify Password" texbox, the code should compare the values in the "Password" and "Verify Password" textboxes. If they are the same, then it should display an alert to that effect. Otherwise, it will shown an error and return the focus back to the "Password" textbox.

Currently, I can only get the "Clear" button to work. The rest of the code doesn't work at all and I don't know why. I am new to JavaScript.

I would appreciate any help.
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You need a semicolon after each of the function definitions.

Remember, you're making an assignment statement:

myObject.onblur = function() { function code... };

do not forget the semi colon.

Also, you may want to add a timer, or use jquery, or some other javascript (like window.onload) to make sure the code doesn't run until after the full page is loaded.

After syntax errors, javascript running too fast is the next leading cause of failures like this :p
geeta_m9Author Commented:
I added the semicolons to the functions and included a window.onload function but there is still no difference.
You're still missing it after this line:
btnClear.onclick = function() {
            emailTxt.value = "";
            passwdTxt1.value = "";
            passwdTxt2.value = "";
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geeta_m9Author Commented:
Thanks. I added the semicolon but still no difference.
Rainer JeschorCommented:

the issue is that you have to call your prepareEventHandlers AFTER the HTML DOM has been loaded.

Live sample:


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geeta_m9Author Commented:
I realized the problem was caused by:

1. I did not put the JavaScript tag in the header section of the HTML file, i.e.,  <script src="Lab5.js"></script>

2. My document.getElementById call was not using the right case. I had it as "getElementByID" in some parts of my code.

Thank you for your help.
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