Retrieving last inserted ID using Stored Procedures

I am running a Stored Procedure to insert a record, then I use the last ID of the inserted record to run another SP in a loop.
The code to retrieve the last ID worked in another page but for some reason not clear to me its not working on this one.

Here is the SP and the code at the end to retrieve the last ID and make the variable = to such ID.


Dim AddFormstoCase__CaseId
AddFormstoCase__CaseId = "0"
if(Request("caseid")        <> "") then AddFormstoCase__CaseId = Request("caseid")       

Dim AddFormstoCase__FirmId
AddFormstoCase__FirmId = "0"
if(Session("FirmId")        <> "") then AddFormstoCase__FirmId = Session("FirmId")       

Dim AddFormstoCase__fname
AddFormstoCase__fname = "0"
if(FormsFiltered("FormName")        <> "") then AddFormstoCase__fname = FormsFiltered("FormName")       

Dim AddFormstoCase__fdescription
AddFormstoCase__fdescription = "0"
if(FormsFiltered("FormDesc")        <> "") then AddFormstoCase__fdescription = FormsFiltered("FormDesc")       

Dim AddFormstoCase__Qid
AddFormstoCase__Qid = "0"
if(FormsFiltered("Qid")        <> "") then AddFormstoCase__Qid = FormsFiltered("Qid")       

Dim AddFormstoCase__mainuserid
AddFormstoCase__mainuserid = "0"
if(rs_case("userid")       <> "") then AddFormstoCase__mainuserid = rs_case("userid")      


set AddFormstoCase = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
AddFormstoCase.ActiveConnection = MM_bluedot_STRING
AddFormstoCase.CommandText = "dbo.AddFormstoCase"
AddFormstoCase.Parameters.Append AddFormstoCase.CreateParameter("@RETURN_VALUE", 3, 4)
AddFormstoCase.Parameters.Append AddFormstoCase.CreateParameter("@CaseId", 3, 1,4,AddFormstoCase__CaseId)
AddFormstoCase.Parameters.Append AddFormstoCase.CreateParameter("@FirmId", 3, 1,4,AddFormstoCase__FirmId)
AddFormstoCase.Parameters.Append AddFormstoCase.CreateParameter("@fname", 200, 1,40,AddFormstoCase__fname)
AddFormstoCase.Parameters.Append AddFormstoCase.CreateParameter("@fdescription", 200, 1,255,AddFormstoCase__fdescription)
AddFormstoCase.Parameters.Append AddFormstoCase.CreateParameter("@Qid", 3, 1,4,AddFormstoCase__Qid)
AddFormstoCase.Parameters.Append AddFormstoCase.CreateParameter("@mainuserid", 3, 1,4,AddFormstoCase__mainuserid)
AddFormstoCase.CommandType = 4
AddFormstoCase.CommandTimeout = 0
AddFormstoCase.Prepared = true


<!--#End of of SP-->

Set rs = AddFormstoCase.Execute()

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This is the error I get:  

ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cc1'

Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.

/bluedot/Intranet/Cases/forms_SPadd.asp, line 467

Line 467 is:   LASTINSERTEDID = rs(0)
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Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
can you detect any error if run the SP above in your ASP page? it could be some error out there so that your SP is not returning a resultset and hence it causes the error in your ASP page?

alternatively, you may post the scripts of SP: AddFormstoCase here for us to diagnose
AleksAuthor Commented:
No error, in fact it inserts the forms just fine.  :$
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
The error indicates no values are being returned.  Make sure your SP returns a value, teeth running it with all of the values you're using in your code
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AleksAuthor Commented:
ok .. Ill double check.
You call the Execute method twice. It is incorrect. Call it once only:


<!--#End of of SP-->

Set rs = AddFormstoCase.Execute()

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The correct code will be:
' AddFormstoCase.Execute() - comment out this line


<!--#End of of SP-->

Set rs = AddFormstoCase.Execute()

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AleksAuthor Commented:
I was missing some in the Stored Procedure ... sigh ...
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