Call Center HEadset

I want advise on the most affordable, yet very good call center headset I can invest in for my agents.
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Bryant SchaperCommented:
which phone system and phone, cordless or wireless?
damola1Author Commented:
I am just considering buying an Ip phone. From previous advise I have got on EE, I was advised to consider the grandstream-gxp2160 OR Yealink T28P, but you know what, I think the headset is more important than the Phone, so I want a great headset that'll make the job extremely enjoyable for my agent.
damola1Author Commented:
Because outbound calls are made by a click from their computers, and calls can be received even without touching the phone, so, I think the headset is the most important investment to be made. I use a beats wireless studio 2.0, and it's make me appreciate the essence of a headset, it's more important than my iphone in my opinion.
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Bryant SchaperCommented:
yes, but you need to realize that not all headsets are compatible with all phones.  @250 a pop, beats are really expensive.
damola1Author Commented:
Thats correct, thats why, I am not going to buy the IP phones yet, I will first choose the right headset, and find the phone to tag along. So, which headset are worth it. Yes the beats are expensive, actually @400... but I have owned 2 in the last 2 to 3 years, I use them to listen to audio books primarily, and I tell you, it's worth more than the 600 iphones.
damola1Author Commented:
I have a client who i setup about 15 of these headsets,

They have work very well.   The range has been excellent and surprisingly, there is no interference between the different users.  These are used with both analog and digital IP phones.   It simply lifts the headset to answer calls.    They've lasted 4+ years with a battery replacement about every 2 years (about $15).
damola1Author Commented:
wow...$320 is a lot of dough...  wireless is not so important. Agents sit at their desk. This is for an eComerce startup.
ah, yeah, definitely pricey.    Works very well for walking around.

FYI, Plantronics is known for good phone equipment.    The few times i needed support from them, i had great help.
damola1Author Commented:
Maybe good for executives. What do you think about this: list:
I would suggest Jabra or vxi, both are good products

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Bryant SchaperCommented:
I am going to be completely honest, I think we over analyzing all of this.  I have managed call centers with a couple dozen and couple hundred.  Headset choice was based cost, life, comfort and quality.  Almost in that order.  You would be surprised, especially if you go with a wired headset, how good the quality is.  We use this model currently., $20 each, and the quality is great.

I would use the following as criteria and recommend you test some:

1.  Will users be sharing headsets.  To me this is disgusting, so we provide a personal headset and replace when they are damaged.

2.  End users do not respect equipment they don't pay for. you can get a $20 head or a $400 headset and they will break at the same rate, so what is your appetite to buying replacements every 12 - 18 months

3.  How it ties into the phone, do they have to answer from the console, or from a button on the headset?

I really think they will be happy with Plantronics or other lower cost products.  You are listening to a phone not music and SIP/Analog quality is not the same so a comparison is not apples to apples.
damola1Author Commented:
I eventually purchased: Jabra Biz 2400.

I think duo is better.
I think the button on the headset is importer.
damola1Author Commented:
Sorry. Jabra Biz 2300
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