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While utilizing macros saved in a ".docm" and saving them on a share off of a 2012 R2 server, the macros seem to disappear.  I do not have to use these documents for weeks at a time, and when I open them back up, they have none of the macros I created in the document anymore.
Brian SkinnerAsked:
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Ryan ChongCommented:
it's quite impossible to have a piece of macro codes just disappear since ".docm" tends to save the macro codes within.

you may try to do some troubleshooting (check the file modified date, etc) and see if someone had modified the file at server end? And I'm not too sure if there's any security features/agent at your server end that had removed the macro codes by itself?

you may try save another ".docm" with macro and copy to your shared server path, and see if the macro is again to be removed?
If the word settings are disable all macros without notification (or similar) then yes, when you open a document that has macros they will not be visible to you.  As to whether or not they disappear, well that's another question.  If you save the document you may well lose them.

Usually when you create a document / template with macros on PC 'A' and save it somewhere then PC 'A' will trust that specific document.  It seems that you can open it later on that same PC, perhaps a 2nd requirement is that you have the same user account.

However, I suspect that sometimes your PC might forget which documents it trusts....

check your macro security settings
store a backup of your macros in a safe place
NEVER put macros in Normal.dotM
Are you sure that you put the macros into the target document/template?

If they are recorded macros, they will, by default, be put in the Normal template. This can be changed in the 'Record Macro' dialogue that opens when you start recording. They will be put in the 'NewMacros' module of the Project belonging tor whichever document is specified.

They can be copied from one project to another in the VBA IDE by using Copy/Paste on the code or by dragging the code module from one project to another.
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Brian SkinnerAuthor Commented:
What happens if you do put macros in Normal.dotM?  How can you tell what PC trusts what documents?  Is it best to save the macros in the document, and change it from the default Normal.dotM?
Normal.dotm is a template that MS Word automatically generates, it is prone to corruption and one of the first troubleshooting steps for many problems with MS Word is to delete the "Normal" templates...

So, it's not so much of a question as to 'what happens'; more of a question as to 'why not'.  What happens is that your macros will run - until someone deletes Normal.dotm

Why not put macros in normal.dotm is because:
you can not control normal templates
they can be replaced without notice
they can be corrupted
they become a dumping ground for macros

Your best bet will depend on what the macros are for, who uses them etc.  Will they be distributed?

Options include:
Global template
Document Template

You can create a special template for the document, open your document and set your special template as the attached template.  

Do NOT put the macros into the document itself.... the document will be able to access the macros in its attached template.

Hope this helps :-)
PC will trust documents that:
were created on that PC
have a digital signature that is from a trusted publisher
are in a trusted location

In short, you can't tell. It's more than 'a bit of a pain'.  You will need to examine / set the macro security settings on each PC that you want to run your macros on.  Google for MS Office Trust Centre.
Brian SkinnerAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Issue was completely unrelated.

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Brian SkinnerAuthor Commented:
The issue stemmed from the macros no longer existing within the document.  Each time the client would try to use the macros they actually did not exist, and when she would recreate them they stayed persistence.  Thank you all for your help!
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