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Encryption / data protection

We are looking at solutions for data protection. We have multiple network shares that contains data that is  very important to the company. This data does need to be seen and edited by the workers. What we want is a solution where they can access it and edit it on their local pc, but cannot make copies of it. For example if a employee leaves, we do not want them to be able to take a copy of the information.  Is there software out there that does this sort of thing, where the end user needs to be running a client to be able to decrypt the data?
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There are technologies that work like this: users connect to a server via rdp. At the server, there's a dongle. The dongle uses encryption and without the dongle, the files are unreadable. So although the user sees the file in explorer, copying it to his own computer or sending it via mail will not help since he has no access to the dongle.

Again: This will not help against filming the screen. This question is so often seen... it takes some time until people realize they cannot prevent this with technical measures.
Agreed. This is not possible - you can make it harder (marginally) and people will try and sell you fairly expensive DRM solutions, but compare this to movie or videogame piracy - there are *no* systems out there that aren't pirated within hours of release, nor really will there ever be.
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more of right mgmt. like in Microsoft IRM (or DRM) - some rules

> Extract - Allows the user to make a copy of any part of a file and paste that part of the file into the work area of another application.
> Export - Allows the user to save content in another file format by using the Save As command. Depending on the application that uses the file format that you select, the content might be saved without protection.
> Print - Allows the user to print the contents of a file.