Hide Access 2013 Print Button in Backstage ACCDE

Have followed various posts here on EE and on web that limit the choices on the backstage view in Ms Access 2013.   I have tried both the following methods which work well except the PRINT button still remains?

Method 1
As from http://www.accessribbon.de/en and various other sources:-

    <tab idMso="TabInfo" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileSave" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="SaveObjectAs" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileSaveAsCurrentFileFormat" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileOpen" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileCloseDatabase" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabRecent" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabNew" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabPrint" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabShare" visible="false"/>
    <tab idMso="TabHelp" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="ApplicationOptionsDialog" visible="false"/>
    <button idMso="FileExit" visible="false"/>

Method 2
Set per "Hide Access 2013 Backstage TabInfo" posted on EE.
    <!-- Info -->
    <tab idMso ="TabInfo" visible="false"/>
    <!-- New -->
    <tab idMso ="TabOfficeStart" visible="false"/>
    <!-- Open -->
    <tab idMso="TabRecent" visible="false"/>
    <!-- Save -->
    <button idMso="FileSave" visible="false"/>
    <!-- Save As -->
    <tab idMso="TabSave" visible="false"/>
    <!-- Print -->
    <tab idMso ="TabPrint" visible="false"/>
    <!-- Close -->
    <button idMso="FileCloseDatabase" visible="false"/>
    <!-- Account -->
    <tab idMso="TabHelp" visible="false"/>
    <!-- Options -->
    <button idMso="ApplicationOptionsDialog" visible="false"/>

Both methods work in Access 2013 however in both methods the PRINT option is still visible in backstage view.

On File See Print with three options - Quick Print. Print and Print Preview.

How can this be supressed?   The "  <tab idMso ="TabPrint" visible="false"/>"  should have suppress but does not.

Please see attachment also.

Any help appreciated.

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An absolute stab in the dark here, as I've not worked much with customising using XML, but perhaps this?:

"  <tab idMso ="FilePrint" visible="false"/>"
wghayesAuthor Commented:
Thanks jjnet123 for the feedback.  This did not work either,  
With further testing I have managed to sort out a workaround.   If the msaccess application has a ribbon defined (i.e. MSACCESS->Options->Current Database->Ribbon Name) then all the custom ribbons work (I.e. the PRINT options do not show)?  I have no idea why that is but it works.

I do not have another issue that I will log separately.


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wghayesAuthor Commented:
Solution only identified with trial and error.  The XML was correct however only worked correctly when the application ribbon was defined.
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