Disable Mailbox Features for Except for Select Group's and OU's

Hello, I am weak in PowerShell and I am cleaning up a messy Exchange 2010 environment. Management wants OWA, IMAP, POP3, and ActiveSync disabled for all users in the domain. However they want one security group of VIP's and another OU with many subfolders to have OWA and ActiveSync enabled. What I have so far would disable the features for all then turn on the features for the select group and OU's. Is there a way to exclude the "ON" users from being disabled in the first place?  Thank you.

Disables Features for all mailboxes.
Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "DC=MyCompany,DC=com" | Set-CasMailbox -OWAEnabled $False
Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "DC=MyCompany,DC=com" | Set-CasMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled $False
Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "DC=MyCompany,DC=com" | Set-CasMailbox -ImapEnabled $False
Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "DC=MyCompany,DC=com" | Set-CasMailbox -PopEnabled $False

Enabled for users in the VipUsers users group.
Get-ADGroup -filter {name -like 'VipUsers'} | Get-ADGroupMember -Recursive | Get-ADUser -Properties MailNickName | select -ExpandProperty MailNickName | Set-CasMailbox -OWAEnabled $true
Get-ADGroup -filter {name -like 'VipUsers'} | Get-ADGroupMember -Recursive | Get-ADUser -Properties MailNickName | select -ExpandProperty MailNickName | Set-CasMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled $true

Enabled for users in the TravelingUsers OU.
Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "OU=TravelingUsers,OU=Users,DC=MyCompany,DC=com" | Set-CasMailbox -OWAEnabled $True
Get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "OU=TravelingUsers,OU=Users,DC=MyCompany,DC=com" | Set-CasMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled $True
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Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
There's several ways to do this.  Here's one:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

$vips = Get-ADGroup -Filter {name -like 'VIPUsers'} | Get-ADGroupMember -Recursive
$travelers = Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit 'OU=TravelingUsers,OU=Users,DC=MyCompany,DC=com'

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize $unlimited | Set-CasMailbox -OWAEnabled $false -ActiveSyncEnabled $false -ImapEnabled $false -PopEnabled $false

foreach ($vip in $vips) {
    Set-CASMailbox $vip.samaccountname -OWAEnabled $true -ActiveSyncEnabled $true -WhatIf

foreach ($traveler in $travelers) {
    Set-CASMailbox $traveler.samaccountname -OWAEnabled $true -ActiveSyncEnabled $true -WhatIf

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Note I added two -WhatIf properties in the foreach loops.  Remove them if you want to actually write the new values.

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matt160Author Commented:
Thank you, it is much cleaner than what I had.
Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
My pleasure.  Have a good one :)
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