Freeing storage space on my Samsung Galaxy 5 android phone.

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I'm constantly running out of space for installing apps on my Galaxy 5 android phone.  I've installed a 16 GB SD memory card, but most of my apps are unable to relocate there, so it largely goes unused.  I currently have 13 GB of space available on the card.

Under the category of "Misc files" in my storage, there are 6.66 GB of unexplained data.  My applications take about 6 GB and my remaining available space is 758 MB.  

Is there any way to free up space from those Misc mystery files?   Six GB seems like an inordinate amount of space to be unspecified.  

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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In some cases you know what the miscellaneous files are (as you can find it on your disk), as they are downloaded or used to support the app (usually in part of the data that's user accessible, like /android/data/
In some cases you will never know who is responsible (files are kept in the part where the user cannot reach).
For now, I would suggest you install the excellent ES Explorer and use the SD Card Analyst option in the Tools section.
The biggest folders will be listed nicely and you'll find out what's using most of your storage.
After you cleaned some things, you can also take a look in Settings > Application Manager. Then use the menu to Sort by size. Sometimes the biggest offenders can be "cleaned" by clearing some cache, or in worst case, clearing data. Sometimes an app doesn't report it properly though, and one that lists it's using 1 MB might as well use 1 GB. and the only way to know for sure is to fully uninstall the app.


The expert was very clear and I followed the suggestions given.  I was frustrated though that although the app suggested DID list my files in order of size it only showed about 25% of the files on the android phone.  The remaining 75% is still a mystery and it's annoying to have a total of 32 GB of storage and constantly be "out of space" to add new apps.  I'm sure this is an android problem though and in no way the fault of the expert.  There just may be no good answer.

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