The task you are trying to do can't be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy - Windows 10

Just trying to log normally into a Windows 10 laptop with user name password and get a pop up immediately:
The task you are trying to do can't be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy

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- not even trying to use RDP or a remote session just login have rebooted numerous times locally and on domain with administrator and users account get the same message each time ????
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Your question leaves some things open:
-was anything changed right before?
-was the computer restarted, for a test?
-does it happen in safe mode with networking as well? See instructions on how to start in safe mode
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The computer you're trying to remote into is pro or enterprise and not the home version
Tiva-ITAuthor Commented:
Never said anything about remoting into just standard network login to a windows 10 laptop on a domain
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Tiva-ITAuthor Commented:
Nothing had changed or been installed - yes rebooted several times hadnt tried safe mode good thought will try that.
Tiva-ITAuthor Commented:
This was resolved in the end, the mention of Remote Desktop Services was a complete red herring in the login error coming back from Windows 10, using a different wifi profile fixed this so the error is completely bizarre and misleading however I expect or Windows 10 users as time goes by will see the same error appear in the same situation.

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Tiva-ITAuthor Commented:
no one else answering had seen this error or was able to provide a definitive fix.
CSD-TechComputer TechnicianCommented:

Thanks for posting some good information on this. I just had a Win 10 system that was doing the same thing and this brought me back to my Windows 98 days when we had similar issues with using Intel Wireless Profile Manager and the issues it caused to those during login and other system issues.
What's interesting here is that the Image  I have makes sure we do not utilize Intel WiFi and only uses Windows to manage Wireless. Since the system I'm working on is a laptop I am lucky enough to be able to shut wireless off if I need to, but got lucky after a hard shutdown that it would log into the system.

I've run a SFC and there were errors that it couldn't fix so I'm running a CHKDSK right now to see if it can find anything (it's an SSD Drive so this should be interesting). Thank you for at least posting your finding and helping others.
Tiva-ITAuthor Commented:
Turn off wifi and try logging in with a network cable, then re-create wifi profile
CSD-TechComputer TechnicianCommented:
I found the issue for my setup. Apparently there is a known issue with the version of the Intel Wireless software that could cause this. I was able to get the latest Intel Wireless software and get it installed and the issue seems to be resolved now. I've tested this for the past hour using a combo of restarts, logoff, locking, and screen saver time-outs to see if the issue would comeback.

I'm going to give this to the user as it seems to be fixed. Hopefully this can help others.
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