Burning a DVD Video Files (VOBs) With Nero Multimedia Suite 10

Hello Experts -

I burn DVD files about once a year, so I've lost my touch.

I want to burn a DVD with VOB files that are located on a flash drive under a sole directory called VIDEO_TS.

I am using Nero 10, and the darn thing won't work for me.

Can anyone tell me how to do it? You'd think that this would be easy.
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Insure you have all files inside the Video_TS folder  as you are reburning/authoring a DVD video back to DVD video disc and the laser requires the IFO and bup files as these are the directories for the main menu chapters etc.
inside VIDEO_TS example only, but you should see around 3 or 4 VTS- with 1048.574kb or something similar in size these are the main movie vobs.
inside VIDEO_TSStage 1 select Rip and Burn
 and  then burn video to disc
2 Nero express select Video files to disc
3 select Add Files
4 add whole Video_ts folder
Select DVD 5 at the bottom output
 I have also written the steps here  with pictures
please refer to them  it to save me retyping
Does this match your version of Nero? Let me know if you need a different version.
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
I have a laptop with one DVD drive. So in order to make a copy, I simply copied the only VIDEO_TS on the disc I want to copy on to a thumb drive. There is nothing proprietary about the DVD I'd like to copy. It is an educational course.

Once I had the course on the thumb drive, I tested it to make sure the DOS copy was readable. It was, and I was able to see the fist classroom session.

From there, I launched Nero Multimedia Suite 10. At this stage there is nothing to rip - so in the Nero menu I select DVD, then DVD-Video in a window call "Compilation". At this point, I have **not** selected Nero Express.

Now, are you with me till this point? I only see one VIDEO_TS directory, which is different from the jpg that you posted. Maybe there are more VIDEO_TS directories on the original disc that are hidden and should be copied to the thumb drive, but I only see one on the original DVD and intermediate thumb.

Are you with me?
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
Oh, and thanks for responding Merete. I appreciate any help you can provide.
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Ok thanks for explaining, so it's similar to my home made DVD just one main Vob? inside the Video_TS folder?
 if I understand you you simply copied out the main vob> VTS_01_1 from the VIDEO_TS folder?
 this is the main movie from the DVD.
Not the actual VIDEO_TS folder as per my screenshot which contains all the rest of the files for the DVD structure.<< please confirm

These VTS_01_1 VTS_02_2 etc are vobs and are simply the DVD name for mpeg2 files.
If you don't have the rest of files you simply rename the extension of your video  VTS_01_1 to video.mpeg, and re-author this one vob to a DVD with Nero Vision.
 This means you will recreate the ifo and bup files convert the mpeg2 to vob and create a DVD menu
it is like starting all over again.

or go back to the DVD and copy the entire Folder VIDEO_TS.
If you have the original do you need to make a new DVD?<<please confirm
The Rip and burn selection does not mean your going to rip you just use that to select the burn Video Disc option.
To simply burn the  entire contents of the VIDEO_TS folder as is Nero 10
Open NERO BURNING ROM and select DVD Video then NEW>drag the contents of your VIDEO_TS folder into the the new VIDEO_TS folder. All those files will appear on the right, donot include your folder as Nero is creating a new VIDEO_TS folder. Then click burn
Nero Burning RomDVD Video NEWNew video ts files
To burn an individual video file, rename extension to mpeg and use Nero Vision to re-author it to DVD Video with menu
Open Nero Vision
Nero Vision make a DVD Video
Nero Vision make a DVD VideoNV nextcreate your menu and timings and choose your templates and mouse clicks
N Vision edit menuThen test and select burn to option
Burn optionsI prefer to burn to Hard Disc creates a VIDEO_TS folder then burn that to disc later using Nero Burning Rom steps I provided... I find it more reliable.
What's your choice?
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
In the Screen shown in the attached PDF file (which shows the Nero 10 launch Screen), how did you get the window labeled "DVDVideo_TS" to appear on the left side?

Also, how did you get the "Browse" window to appear on the right side?

If I knew how you did these two things, I think I'd be in business.
when you select Nero Rom shortcut
Nero Rom is the software  as each tool has a different burn method.
then choose DVD Video from the left panel use the scroll bar on the side if you don't see it, also make sure DVD is selected in the top for this compilation, if it is on CD  change to DVD.
Then look across to the right NEW at the bottom
this opens the page where the Video_TS is there  on the left with the AUDIO_TS folder as well, no need to add anything to the AUDIO_TS
New DVD Video
Put a finished DVD in your laptop DVD rom, then go  computer and rightclick the DVD rom drive and open not play you should see two folders one VIDEO_TS and one AUDIO_TS even though the AUDIO is empty it still gets placed there.
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
You've got me stumped.

My thumb drive contains the directory (VIDEO_TS) with the files I want to copy. This is Drive E.

There is a blank DVD in my DVD RW Drive. This is Drive F.

After I click "New" on Nero's Compilation's screen, I go to Screen on which you have written "drag contents of your video-ts to here, do not include your folder".

But, there is no window on the left that in your example shows:


Thus, there is nothing to drag.  How do I activate this left-hand window so that it shows the Directory on Drive E: (the thumb drive)?  That directory, in my situation, is just VIDEO_TS.
Hmm this doesn't apply>How do I activate this left-hand window so that it shows the Directory on Drive E:<<
The left side panel appears in Nero Burning Rom.
The files for the DVD your creating in Nero Burning Rom should be inside a folder called VIDEO_TS on your E drive

You open Nero Burning Rom right?
There is a shortcut just to this?
then on the left select DVD Video>then the bottom right> NEW!!
It opens the new compilation, here you should see the two folders on the left, highlight the VIDEO_TS now
 on your E drive, Copy that folder to your desktop
then open your VIDEO_TS folder and copy out the contents, or select all and drag over, it should have the ifo and other files you need them, drag and drop onto the panel  on the compilation
 drag and drop them over into the open page
DVD new
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
After I press New, I am taken to a blank Nero Burning ROM screen.

As I say, there is neither a window on the left or the right. At this stage there is no reason to believe that Nero understands that the files to be burned are on Drive E  (the thumb drive).

Common sense tells me that - at minimum - Nero has to be informed that the Drive where the SOURCE data is located is Drive E. If I somehow did this (the essence of the problem), you'd think I'd be on my way. Is there a dialog box behind one of the menus that would allow me to enter the SOURCE drive?

It seems to be missing that new compilation window ,
 when I open Nero Burning Rom  I get the Nero Burning rom and the new compilation pop out window on top
here you choose the output from the left panel ..which will be DVD Video
Nero Burning rom
Yours is missing that new compilation window try clicking one file new that should bring up the window where choose the DVD video then New at the bottom
missing new compilationYou should now have the window and choose DVD video then new
DVD VideoWhen you click on this new it opens the new window with Video_TS Audio_TS folders on the left

If you have not activated the right steps the buttons on top are greyed out
You can customise the buttons
customise buttons
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
There is no problem seeing the New Compilation screen. I'm selecting DVD and then highlighting DVD-Video.

I am then pressing the NEW button. It is what happens after this.

I get the blank screen that I have attached and posted to this Issue. As you can see, It is blank. There is neither a windows on the left or the right.

Here, I am saying that if I told Nero where the SOURCE files are (in DRIVE E - the thumb drive) , it might have a fighting chance to display the missing windows.
I don't select DVD anywhere ?
Please explain? where your doing that.

 I open the shortcut to Nero Burning Rom
the new compilation popup windows appears with the option to select DVD Video on the left
Step two
select DVD Video on the left then select NEW at the bottom
Step three
when I select the new a new windows appears with 2 folders VIDEO_TS on the left with AUDIO_TS<<<< if at this stage you have done the steps exactly  I am lost and cannot understand why it is missing,
You have Nero 10 full or is it essentials? Trial version?
There is many side panels which on the right which you can pull out or slide away, pull out and navigate to your files and drag across the compilation window.

As your files are off your windows drive please copy your VIDEO_TS folder to your desktop for this purpose, you can delete it later.
I find it renders quicker and is more stable.
I made a short video to illustrate nero burning rom
 click on dropbox link to watch it
Let me know if this is the same as what you are doing

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gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
Merete --

Out of frustration I clicked on "Nero Express". Then I was presented with a screen where I selected "Videos" in the left-hand window, and then clicked on DVD-Video Files.

This brought me to a screen where I could select the VIDEO_TS directory, which was on my DRIVE E (the thumb drive).

The software is a bit flaky, however. I had to select VIDEO_TS multiple times followed by ADD. In fact, I clicked on it five or six times before it took.

From there on out, I was able to burn the desired DVD.

As I say, I don't find the Nero software to be all that reliable - or else there was a one-minute delay between selecting VIDEO_TS and getting Nero to actually do something.

I am going to leave it at that. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I will select your solution as the one to use out of appreciation.

Thanks. -- Gordon
Thank you Gordon.
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
Merete was a big help. I would have quit without her.
gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Merete.
Cheers :)
Happy to help where I can.
With the lag could be Nero accessing the files on your USB drive. Better to have files on your desktop.
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