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I kindly need to Write a graphical application overriding the paint method of the JFrame class. Inside it, cast the Graphics object to a Graphics2D object and draw a dashed, rounded rectangle. The length of the dashes should be no longer than the length of the spaces between the dashes. The Hint they gave me is : Look up the Graphics2D, BasicStroke, and RoundRectangle2D.Double classes in the Java Class
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What do you have so far?  We can't write the code for you, you need to have a go and then ask specific questions on points that you are stuck on.


unfortunately I got nothing, this is just school homework... and I literally pasted like itbwas giving into me, and since I don't know where to start I was hoping somebody gave me any ideas...
There is a tutorial on oracle website that gives a basic understanding how to use paint method to draw a rectangle.

Go thru it and understand it. Same way you can proceed with other objects too.

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