notepad++ special characters

chemistry problem
2H2+02 ->2H20

2 hydrogen 2 plus oxygen 2 = 2 water

does notepad++ on windows 7 allow chemistry subscript or superscript

How without using html and without viewing output on another file
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You may want to consider using Lyx. -- This program is for Mathematical/Scientific text manipulation. It uses the LaTeX as it's underlying engine, so it may be a bit complex, but will be well worth it.

Notepad++ is not meant for your purpose. The only way in Notepad++ is by using Unicode.

Unicode is NOT HTML.  Unicode is a character set, and Notepad++ supports Unicode.

However you will have to manually insert the superscript/subscript characters, there is no way to choose a "superscript" or "subscript" option.

Also, you are limited to the characters in Unicode, which luckily is a lot of characters.

What is unicode:

List of unicode characters

List of sub/super script unicode characters

If you need anything more complex than unicode offers (Like if you want the subscript to drop below the line) then you will need a Word Processor / Layout processor. Notepad++ is text only. If you want something that does formatting, you will need something else, like wordpad, or LibreOffice Writer (free Word alternative) or LyX ( if you want scientific/mathematical text manipulation.

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rgb192Author Commented:
this answer is telling me that this can not be done on notepad++  so I will try another editor.

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