How to configure DNS forwards address

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my company domain is composed of 2 W2K12 DCs and I am trying to figure out how to configure both DNS for best redundancy.
Should both DNS  have my ISP DNS in their forwards ?
 Should each DNS's forwards include also the other internal DNS or just the ISP's DNS?

thank you for your help.
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Tom ChadaraviciusSenior Developer
Is this about providing DNS within a LAN (eg, within your company), or is this about running a public DNS (eg, to service a domain?)
(If LAN is the case, then I can see ISP in the picture)
Top Expert 2016
forwarding is to resolve addresses that you don't have an entry for. if dns1 forwards say to dns2 and dns2 forwards it to dns1 then you have a loop.

only put external dns servers in the forward list.

You have to enter ISP DNS into forwarders for DNS. It will be better, if you will use internal DNS server.

See you are using Active Directory with DNS for Internet, internal DNS make cache & resolve query fast. Your Internet will work fast.
Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.
Top Expert 2015
after getting delays/lags we alter our scenario from conventional to the following

DC's DNS is the primary for all of the LAN clients. And in DC's DNS we have 1 forwarder which points secondary DNS and we have ISP's DNS in Secondary's DNS forwarders.

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