Change Distribution List Owner by filtered target

Hey Guys,

I need to replace respective add two new owners/managers to alot of distribution group of ours.

I googled and played around a bit and crafted the command below, but I don't have a test environment, so I am a bit afraid of using it (not all too familiar with emc shell yet).
Basically what I'd need is: Get all Distribution Groups with Owner/ManagedBy "ABE" and replace it with users RIDA,VANM,ABE
Could someone tell me if this would be the correct way or am I totally barking up the wrong tree:

Get-distributiongroup | ?{$_.ManagedBy -eq "ABE"} | set-distributiongroup -ManagedBy RIDA,VANM,ABE

thx and in advance for any suggestions :)
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Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
Your command makes sense and might take the objects passed through the pipeline.  If not try this:

$groups = Get-DistributionGroup | Where-Object {$_.ManagedBy -like 'ABE'}

foreach ($group in $groups) {
    Set-DistributionGroup $group.alias -ManagedBy RIDA,VANM,ABE -WhatIf

Open in new window

Note I added a -WhatIf to the end of the foreach loop.  Remove it if you want to write the new values.

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LPanicAuthor Commented:
Your suggestion worked! Thanks alot.
My command unfortunately did not work. The shell didn't come up with an error message but also hasn't made any changes.
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