postfix: How to create a hash for authorized_submit_users? (blocking spam from hacked account)


A Wordpress site of a client got hacked and abused the server for spamming.

To prevent this in the future I created a script scanning for (an abundance of:

Oct 24 01:32:54 s01 postfix/pickup[23536]: ABC123: uid=1234 from=<>

The trigger is the UID. When there are to much I want to block that account from sending mail. I searched the internet and thought it is best to use the postfix authorized_submit_users setting

I have found that this should work:

authorized_submit_users = !1234, static:all

But I want to automate this and don't want to dynamically alter the, for that I could use a hash:

- creating file: /etc/postfix/sendmailAllowedUsers
- adding to authorized_submit_users = hash:/etc/postfix/sendmailAllowedUsers
- executing command: postfix reload
- executing command: postmap /etc/postfix/sendmailAllowedUsers

It all should work.. BUT what to put inside that has file?

I don't have the luxury to fumble around as it is a live server and don't have a comparable test server

I am guessing something like this:

# blocked users
# allowed users

.. but if someone could tell me the right answer that would be great!

Also, can I append the "static:all" to the hash (that way I only have to enter the UIDs to the hash file. Like so?

authorized_submit_users = hash:/etc/postfix/sendmailAllowedUsers, static:all
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Sendmailauthorizedusers you need only add the users authorized.

for the variable.
Some !pattern
You should run postmap before reloading postfix.
AceTAuthor Commented:

OK, so if I understand you correctly the file should contain:

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And Can I do?:
authorized_submit_users = hash:/etc/postfix/sendmailAllowedUsers, static:all

(I have read that the "static:all" means "accept the rest")

That way, if something goes wrong in that file the rest will still work (that's the idea)
What could go wrong with the file? Do you need to dynamically update the list of authorized submitters?

You need to test whether it is deny or reject.

And whether it will work with a hash and ..........
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AceTAuthor Commented:
I have tried to use this file (and "postmapped" it off course):
3129:block	# hacked client
# The rest is OK
static:anyone	# rest OK

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Resulting in not able to use sendmail for any client:
Nov 16 17:19:16 s01 postfix/sendmail[5449]: fatal: User userabc(1234) is not allowed to submit mail

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I have tried (with and without comment # ):
static all
static anyone

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None of them work, suggestions are welcome
Try the following allow user1 deny user2 allow all others.

Testing using a query test on the hash might reveal whether it would work.

Another possible option is to use two hash

Each list will have the username per line
The distinction will be based on the list in which the user is in.
AceTAuthor Commented:
I have read that 'user OK' is the format for the hash. I have tried

with "user" and "user OK"

with "user FAIL" and "user REJECT" "user !OK"

But all with no success. everything goes trough, no exceptions

I'd really like to use a small list for rejecting and a default "static:all" for the rest.

I am now fearing that I will need to generate a (large) list of everyone that is OK and failing the rest.. can you see a solution?
AceTAuthor Commented:



With in the file /etc/postfix/disallowed_users
username1 # domain
username2 # domain

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The comment is handy to prevent remarks from the postmap command (it expects key[space/tab]value)

I used the userID  (which is a number) and not the username!

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AceTAuthor Commented:
Arnold pointed me in the right direction, but I entered the complete solution for future reference (I gave all the points to arnold)
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