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Problem: Group Policy for Cryptowall Prevention

Hi Everyone,

I've implemented Computer Policy for our domain as suggested on various websites such that exe. cannot run in system folders %appdata% and %temp%

Now I have a big problem. I can no longer install legitimate software to any computers that are joined to domain.

Any suggestions, workarounds? Log in as local computer administrator perhaps?

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Admins don't have to be affected by your policies, change that. User cannot install, anyway.
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Further from FAQ
Can you block all applications except from a certain software publisher?
Yes. You can do this by creating a publisher condition rule that allows all files to run that are signed by the specific software publisher. In some cases for binaries that are created dynamically, you could create a path rule condition.

Why can only an administrator change AppLocker policies?
This prevents any standard user that is logged on to a computer from modifying the AppLocker rules to access or add an application. On a computer that is joined to a domain, the computer's administrator can create AppLocker rules that could be merged with a domain-level rules as stated in the domain GPO.
Can AppLocker rules be created to allow certain computer users to access a program and deny access to others?
Yes, you can target AppLocker rules to users and groups. You can create as many rules as you want for the same application. For example, you could have one rule that allows the Finance group to run winword.exe, and you could also have a second rule that allows the HR group to run winword.exe.