File Server Replication.

Dear Experts,

I am  in process to migrate File Server 2003 to new File server 2012. I have already migrated all data on new server. But my old server 2003  has lots of data and still live due to intranet / Sharepoint link which is due to change all the link on 3rd Nov by Sharepoint admin or may be later.
we have two different Domains and Forests. and trust between  domain is  trusted and tested by myself.
I have recently tired  to use DFS File replication option on Server 2012 so all data until old file server 2003 is in operation can be replicate on new server. But surprisingly I am get error ( The DFS replication member object cannot be created. the the member and replication groups are in different forests )  for reference see attached.
as i have mention that both domain has trust between them fo example I am trying to replicte File server from to csc.corp

Please help me using experts magix to over come this problem. it will safe my time and effort.

Note: please i am not looking Robocopy option this what I have used to migrate data on new server I am looking real time file replication. using DFS replication option on server 2012.

many thanks

Asif Naeem
Asif NaeemSr. System Administrator ( Wintel & UNIX (AIX) Asked:
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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
I take it you already have a DFS Namespace on your current 2003 server which you are trying to migrate to 2012.

If the data is over 100GB, you are better of with Robocopy ( i know you said you don't want to).

Have a look here >>>
Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
Hm is DFS available in 2003? news to me. sorry if it is.

What I would recommend here is 2 X 2012 Standard or higher servers with DFS features/roles installed and configured. Keep the current 2003 server live if possible and setup the 2012 DFS cluster side by side.

I think you should be using robocopy to sign this job off too, there are switches you can use in robocopy to compare directory sizes and file amounts.

Does this sound good?

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Yes DFS is in 2003

Where is the attached error you mention?....

Are these forests separated by an external link or all on the same LAN?  

If there is an external link what type is it? (VPN/MPLS/Direct L2 link)

if there is an external link what endpoints are connecting it (Firewall and any rules in place if applicable)?
Asif NaeemSr. System Administrator ( Wintel & UNIX (AIX) Author Commented:
Dear All,

thanks for all of you. good tips I am know looking into.
 the forests are on same LAN. Domain are like  and second
server 2012 is on but old server is on both domain has trust relation.
one thing which i checked last night old server 2003 has not support tool and DFS installed.
I am going to install support tool and DFS on it and will come back to you Guys withe result.
Yes Data is less then 100GB  and error is attached now.
Although not definitive it appears 2003 doesn't support it.

Mark's suggestion above would seem the most logical migration path.  You can script the Robocopy and just run it to resynch data between DFS domains before finally switching over....
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