SQL, how to standardize the full name?

Hi Experts,

In the raw data, some first name and last name are in upper case, like MICHAEL BROWN, some are  not, like Michael Salata.
How can I standardize them to Michael Salata?  Thank you!

Select (vps.UserFirstName) + ' ' + (vps.UserLastName) as VPName,

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pls try something like this

Select upper(substring(vps.UserFirstName,1,1))+lower(substring(vps.UserFirstName,2,499)) + ' ' + upper(substring(vps.UserLastName,1,1))+lower(substring(vps.UserLastName,2,499))  as VPName

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Select UPPER(LEFT(vps.UserFirstName,1)) + LOWER(RIGHT(vps.UserFirstName,LEN(vps.UserFirstName)-1)) + ' ' + UPPER(LEFT(vps.UserLastName,1)) + LOWER(RIGHT(vps.UserLastName,LEN(vps.UserLastName)-1)) as VPName

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Rgonzo1971's solution only works for names up to 499 characters. Shouldn't be an issue since I don't know nobody with that big name but just be careful if you want to use the same solution to another thing, like for example addresses.
Robin SandlinCommented:
Although this would not apply to recurring select statements, if you just want to "clean up" the data table to standardize all names to use going forward you might consider the following.

Import all names into excel (using whatever method you prefer, excel has many options.  Once in Excel, use the =Proper() function, in the column next to the original name, then do a copy and paste/value for the whole column at once, then pass the corrected case names back into your data base.

Col_A      Col_B                  Col_B (Display Value)        Col_C(actual value after copy/paste value from Col_B
SALATA   =Proper(A1)      Salata                                 Salata

Then select Col_C to export/import back to database.  If you want to try  this approach, let me know and i can help with the import export if you would like.
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