Getting started setting up membership website with IIS 7, Visual Studio 2012.

I've created several internal websites that use Windows Authentication.  I've also created a couple of public Anonymous Authentication website with no login of any kind.

Now I need to set up an external website with user login where users see an ASP.Net 4.0 GridView after logging in.  The GridView can only show records associated with that users account.

Where I need help is in the IIS 7 configuration and SQL Server 2008 R2 user settings.  
1. In IIS, Authentication, which to enable and any special settings?  Any other special setting for this type of website?
2. In SQL Server, Security, what user/account to set up so that the website/logged in user can access the database and make changes to data in a table.

I THINK that's where my main lack of knowledge/experience is.

I currently have a website for this created on our in-house Windows Server 2008 R2 web server.
I have it set up as an Application/Virtual Directory and the Application Pool set to .Net Framework v4.0 Integrated and ApplicationPoolIdentity.

I've just started working on the ASP.Net / C# pages, setting up the GridView and a shell of a login page and such.

Please give me the "novice version" of explanations or any good novice tutorials that cover these (#1 and #2) specific topics as succinctly as possible. I've no formal training. I've learned all my bad habits on my own.  ;-)

If I've left out any information you need in order to help me, please ask for it.  Oh, the account name and passwords will be "assigned" to users; there will be no "registration" function.  I may create a page where they can change their password if that's easy enough.  Login Account information will also be in a table in our SQL database.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. FYI After close of business today I won't be able to respond until Monday morning.  I'm not in the office tomorrow (Friday).  So, I don't have to have an answer in the next five minutes.  ;-)  Thanks again for any advice and instructions.  (Sorry to be so "wordy.")
Edit on 2015-11-02 at 11:3:27:  Thank you, SouthMod.  :-)
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megninAuthor Commented:
I'm currently reading this as a reference resource.  It looks promising.
megninAuthor Commented:
Regarding the above "A Better Website Login System..." article, I'm actually looking for something a little simpler.  My website will consist of a single chart page which needs access restricted to logged in users.  That's my need in a nutshell.  Thanks for any suggestions.
megninAuthor Commented:
Never mind.  It's been eleven days, after all.  I've figured out something on my own.  

I appreciate all the assistance from the moderators.  At least someone was willing to try to help me.

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megninAuthor Commented:
That worked just fine.
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