PowerShell - remove single user from all AD group membership w/Log


Apologies for this basic of all basic questions.  I can't seem to get any portion of a script I'm working on to do what I need.

We've the mailboxes of users who have disabled accounts, over to a designated Exchange server.  What I'd like to pull off, can probably be done in just a one-liner, but I'm stuck.

I need to run a script against all users who reside within the server we have designated, then strip those accounts of any and all group membership.  - The problem I've been having is the logging portion, where we need to keep a log of the groups removed...  I can't get anything to log group removal no matter what I try.

$strServerName = '<ServerName>'

$arrModules = @("ActiveDirectory")
ForEach ($strModule In $arrModules) {
      Write-Host "Importing module for $strModule..."
      Try {Import-Module -Name $strModule}
      Catch {
            fncProcessError -strException $($_.Exception.Message) -blnForceExit $True
      Write-Host $vbTab "Import successful."

$AdminSessionADSettings.ViewEntireForest = $True

$arrMBs = Get-Mailbox -Server $strServerName | Select PrimarySMTPAddress
ForEach ($objMB in $arrMBs) {$objUser = Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(mail=$objMB.PrimarySmtpAddress)"}

.............   I've gone through a couple iterations of the script...  but haven't gotten to the removal of the groups yet, because I can't get the thing to log.

Any assistance you guys have on this would be very appreciated.
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This will remove the groups for all accounts in Users.txt and save a text file for each account that
was modified with all the groups removed.

Foreach ($user in Get-Content "C:\PS\Users.txt") {
    $report = "C:\PS\groups_$((Get-ADUser $user -properties SamAccountName).SamAccountName)_$(Get-date -f dd-MM-yyyy).txt"
    "=============== UserName $user ===============" >> $report
    $Groups = (Get-ADUser $user -Properties memberof).memberof
    $Groups | Get-ADGroup | Select -ExpandProperty Name >> $report
    $Groups | Get-ADGroup | Remove-ADGroupMember -member $user -Confirm:$False

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usslindstromAuthor Commented:
Very quick and easy solution.  Much appreciated.

I absolutely overlooked just dumping the output.  Thanks for the suggestion.

I need to massage the script so it can handle cross-domain groups - but the logging is spot on.  :)
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