Need a Mail List with Parameters from Quickbooks

I am trying to create a mail list from my customer base in Quickbooks Pro 2014 to send out a snail mail mailer.  I can use the Customer Contact List that gives me all the customer info I need, but I need to filter it by total spend by the customer.  I can't find such a filter for that particular report and I can't find a dedicated report that has all the data I need, so I thought I could combine two reports into one using Excel.  Normally I would think that wouldn't be too hard, considering I could just use a Sales by Customer Summary, match up the Customer names in the side by side reports, and then I'd have all the customer info I'd need to send a mailer (name, address, etc) plus I can choose which customers I want based on the dollar amount they've spent with my company.

The only problem is the first report generates the data using only active customers, and the second reports generates its data using ALL customers, active or not.  So the two databases do not line up customer for customer on the same line.  There does not appear to be a way to alter either report to include or exclude active customers using a filter.

The mailer is for 1000 customers so this isn't something I want to go through line by line to select the 1000 lucky ones.

Does anyone know a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  If you can offer a suggestion using the reporting features of Quickbooks that would be great.  If not, I'd be willing to purchase a third-party program that can manipulate Quickbook's data in ways that Quickbooks can't, so if you can recommend such a program that would be great.

I'm also looking for an offline program to manage an email list.  I know Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and other email marketing programs have features to do this, but I'd like my own program so I can do this offline and keep all the data and lists if I ever change email marketing vendors again.  If anyone knows of such a program - that would also be appreciated.
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CTSLAAuthor Commented:
Sachiek, thank you  for your suggestion.  The link you listed describes the mail merge feature in QB, and specifically mentions the Customer Contact List (which is what I am using).  You are correct in that this list DOES allow the ability to select either active or non-active customers, a point I missed before your suggestion.  So using that report and the Sales by Customer Summary report gets me all the info I need except date of last activity.  However I was able to use a free 3rd party tool called QB2XL which allowed me to create a list of customer names and date of last activity.  So although I had to combine 3 different reports, I was able put together a list with all the info I was looking for.  Thank you for the nudge to get me to look at the Customer Contact List again.
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