MSACCESS 2013 Ribbon CustomUI OnLoad Event does not fire on ACCDE application startup

We have an MSACCESS Application (ACCDE) which starts via a macro which loads a Splash Screen Form (dummy form with background image).  On the load event of this form we fire a pop-up login form.  At startup the app appears to just be the pop-up form (i.e. access does not display splash form unless you take focus off application and then back onto application).

If you leave focus on pop-up login form, enter credentials and login then we render a menu navigation form (main with sub form).  The ribbon bar however has not been set.  The msaccess MENU and ADDINS are displayed and cannot in fact be accessed.  You cannot click anything on the ribbon.  Totally locked as if it does not exist.  If however you take focus off the app and then back on the ribbon is displayed correctly with the application ribbon now set not the default MSaccess ribbon.   We have debug traced this and can see the CustomUI OnLoad event for the ribbon only fires when focus is taken off then onto application.   This issue is particular to Access 2013.  It was not an issue in Access 2007.

Not sure how to resolve this.  It is very odd.  The ribbon is loaded for the form at startup but does not fire the 'OnLoad' XML event.  We can see that the property of the ribbon is set correctly but the event does not fire.

See attached for what MSACCESS ribbon looks like on menu form after login.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
When I need to guess, then the problem is caused by the way Access implements the pop-up/modal form.

Please post a sample showing that behaviour. Without I would simply use the ribbon's on load event to show your forms instead of your macro.
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
If you want to set the ribbon (and other things), name the macro AutoExec.  Pull the OnLoad event from your forms.  
Access will run the AutoExec code before any of the forms.  (It has to be named autoexec to work.  It is not case sensitive.)
This may clear up your problem.
wghayesAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your contributions.

Have continued trialling various solutions and results from Access 2013 are inconsistent.  Sometimes the ribbon is displayed and other times it is not.  Same launch approach used.  The common theme is that the "OnLoad" for the ribbon is not fired thus the ribbon is not displayed.

Solution I have developed now actually runs in splash screen 'Activate' event (code to do once only) to get a handle to the Access APP (GetObject for app) and then MIN/HIDE and SHOW/NORMAL to essentially pretend that focus left the app and was then reinstated.  This is all done prior to pop-up form then being called.  Effect is that app window displays with window and ribbon correctly rendered and then pop-up form loads.

This works fairly seamlessly to the user with minimal visual impact.  This problem is unique to Access 2013.  It was not an issue in Access 2007 so something changed between versions.

I am satisfied with solution we have developed and will close issue.

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wghayesAuthor Commented:
Continued trial and error resulted in a workaround solution being developed.
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