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I do not know anything about cscso switch. Switched was configured by a third party company .We have an esxi host with a virtual network port group in a switch configured for nic teaming (ip hash). I want to know whether the switch is configured correctly .
Is there any way I can check this from my end (vmware)?
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Is there any way I can check this from my end (vmware)?

The Host cannot check what configuration is on the would it? does your ESXi host have an admin/password to login and control your physical switch! - so I'm afraid no!

The configuration of teaming on the ESXi host, only affects the outbound traffic from the host.

Inbound traffic to the host, is controlled by the configuration of the physical switch.

So configuration on the host (teaming policy) needs to match the configuration on the switch.

see here (the top three articles are very important, if you are not a Network Guy, or Network Manager, speak nicely to yours!)
Usually a IP hash load balancing is set when you have a EtherChannel / LAG setup on the switch.   I would recommend you check with some one to see if the switch is set for etherchannel if not your should use the default Route based on Originating IP

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