Configure VLAN on H3C switch

My client's office has two floor. Each office uses Linksys switches.

I'm planning to put one L3 H3C 5500 series to connect these switches.

#1. Main office will have two VLAN - one VLAN (100) for servers connect directly to the L3 switches, and another VLAN (200) for connecting the Linksys switches.  After, devices in these two VLAN should be pingable to each other even though the Linksys don't support VLAN, correct ?

#2. The other floor will connect to the L3 switch through CAT5E and connect to L3 switch through a physical port binded with VLAN 300. After the connecting, these 3 floors will be pinable to each other, correct ?

#3. In case the 2nd office has two subnet, does it mean either one of the subnet can be tagged by the VLAN ? Is it possible for a single VLAN to support two different subnet ?  

#4. Is there any maximum number of device supported by a VLAN ? 500 devices based on the below article, correct ?
"The number of Ethernet addresses than can be supported by each device is 500. This is a distribution of about 20 devices per port on a 25 port switch. In an ideal network situation, there is one device per port, for example, a printer, a workstation, and voice IP phone will require 3 ports. If you wanted to have one VLAN assignment for each port, then the maximum VLANs will equal 25."
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Rainer FranzelTechnical ConsultantCommented:
You should not confuse Layer 2 (VLANs, MAC-Addresses) and Layer 3 (Subnets, IP-Addresses).

You can have many layer3 subnets in one layer 2 VLAN.
A VLAN represents a netword you would have if you use only "dumb" switches.

Usually you put one IP-Subnet into one VLAN to have the isolation of this network also represented in the layer2 world as well, but this is no law.

Your Layer3 switch can act as a router, to connect the subnets (also if you have multiple subnets in one vlan). To achieve this you have to set the appropriate addresses for the router.


VLAN100 subnets and
VLAN200 subnet

You can assign the following addresses to the vlans:


Then you should be able to reach the devices on the vlans and on the subnets.

To your questions:
#1: if you have configured your L3-switch with the appropriate "gateway" addresses - yes
#2: As long as all the devices are in the same VLAN and using addresses from the same subnet - yes
#3: as explained above - yes
#4: They are talking about the number of MAC-addresses that one device can save. This has nothing to do with the number of devices within one VLAN. Because of the fact that the VLAN can span over dozens of switches the number of MAC-addresses in total can sum up to some thousands.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
For #2: "As long as all the devices are in the same VLAN and using addresses from the same subnet - yes "

Branch subnet will be in another VLAN (say, VLAN 400) and want to communicate to main office VLAN (ie 100 & 200), can they be pingable to each other ? Tks

 is it really possible to bind one more IP address to a VLAN in H3C ?

interface Vlan-interface100
 ip address
Rainer FranzelTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Yes, you can configure multiple IP-Addresses to one VLAN:

interface Vlan-interface1
 ip address
 ip address sub

For each additional subnet you add it by putting "sub" on the end

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