XenDesktop 7.6 questions, guide, etc

We are about to roll out a Xensktop 7.6 environment and my boss is asking for a meeting to go over my answers to several questions.  He's asking stuff like what's the public URL going to be, what will the farm name be, what profile solution will we use, what are the servers going to be named.  

He is thinking, I think, that there is some sort of fill in the blank deployment guide that will ask us all of these questions before we begin implementation and he wants one so we can fill in the blanks and know some of these answers before we begin the deployment.

Does anyone know of any deployment guides that ask these questions and provide a place to write some answers?  Like a fill in the blank you need to know this before you start guide?

I've googled and found lots of documentation but nothing that lists out the things you need to know beforehand.


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Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
May I assume you have no experience designing or implementing a XenDesktop 7.6 environment?

May I also assume you are not working with a Citrix partner (I am not one) or consultant (that I am) for the architecture, design or deployment?

I would strongly recommend you install and configure XenDesktop 7.6 Controller, Studio, Director, StoreFront, Licensing Server and quite possibly a NetScaler VPX in a lab so you can see all the names, URLs and IP addresses you will need for a live deployment.

I will also recommend you take the time read the Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook 7.x.


The Handbook may well answer a lot of your questions.
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
You assume correctly.  I have done one at home in a lab and it worked great.  I did one in the class I took when I got my cert and we are doing a POC here.  I'm all for jumping in and wading thru, but my boss wants me to provide answers to all of the config options before hand.  I was hoping to find a document already prepared where I could write in the things like public URL, farm name, server names, etc.

I'll look thru what you posted and see if it will help me.
Paul WagnerFriend To Robots and RocksCommented:
You should look at Carl Webster's site. While he doesn't give you an actual "fill in the blank" form, his tutorials are amazing and it is what I referenced to build my XD7 environment. He covers the DDC, PVS, MCS, Storefront and pretty much everything else.

Once you have read through the tutorial, you can create your own document that defines the names your boss is looking for... and good for him... you don't want to just start building without some preliminary data worked out.

For example:
Build a separate VLAN and IP scope for XD7 machines. You will want this documented.
Figure out your storage needs (ex: 100 VMs X 40GB = 400GB storage needed)
Resource requirements of the hosts/servers
Load balanced Storefront, DDC and PVS? You should definitely do this so you can work/update/troubleshoot one server without bringing down the environment.

Here is a link for XD7.6 using PvD:

You can browse his articles to find the architecture/tutorial that you're looking for.

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