Access listbox multiple columns don't align with my labels

I have a multicolumn list box with a colum count of 7. I have 7 labels on top of the listbox. This is so I can click a label and invoke a function to sort on that field. My issue is I can not seem to get the label widths to be the same as the coulm widths.
Say the 1st column width is .0648 I try to change the first label width to .0648 when I hit enter it changes to .0647. This is happening to all the labels and also if I try to make the column width the same size as the label after I hit the enter key it will change it to a different number.
Any one have any idea or know of any web page that addresses this?

Chuck LoweAsked:
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Try setting it to 0.649 or 0.650.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
I think Access is rounding the the next smallest increment it can support.

Odd, ...but for me (in the U.S.)
 .0648 is rounded to:  .0646

...are these fractions of an inch really making a significant difference?

Also let's be clear, you are adding your own "headers" (as labels)?
Please note that a List box has a "Column Heads" property (displays column headings), that is typically turned OFF.

If you turn this property ON, you will get field names that will resize with the width you set for the column...

Chuck LoweAuthor Commented:
It's happening with the majority of all the labels and column widths for the multi columns.
For the label I changed it from .0647 to .0648 went back to .0647. I tried .0649 went back to .0647. I tried .0650 went back to .0647.  If i change it to .0655 it takes the setting. But when I change the width on the multi column it wont stay the same. It's working the same way the label width is working.
It's very frustrating. Why won't it keep my column settings?
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Chuck LoweAuthor Commented:
YES. I am adding my own headings as labels. As stated, so when I click on them I can invoke a function to sort the list. The column head property is turned off.
I don't know what to tell you it's rounding as I stated.
As for making a difference it does when there are 7 items in the list. The lines get greater out of proportion as the list goes on. If I make some smaller it still is out of wack.
Chuck LoweAuthor Commented:
Could it be a PC setting? Can I make the widths CM or something like that?
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
It's because the value you see is rounded to inches or centimeters from twips. So when you enter a value, it is first rounded to the nearest usable value in twips, then converted back.
This often creates a shift of the smallest decimal.

The only solution is to find a value to enter that either sticks or will be converted to a value you can use.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
What I have done in the past was to turn on the column headings, ...and add a "small" button (that actually displayed the sort status) above the headings, to do the sorting.
In this way, small changes in the column width had less of an effect on the overall appearance...
Chuck LoweAuthor Commented:
That's going to take a while. My issue is it's different between the Label and the cooresponding multi column. The values don't stay consistent.
I had a similar idea. Due to real estate and mostly company programming standards I can't do that.

Chuck LoweAuthor Commented:
I had to painstakingly make sure the label field lengths and the multirow lengths were in sync. Then I had to add the field lengths of each label to the left starting to get the next left starting for that label. It almost is perfect but good enough for the users

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