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I have a SPROC that takes in parameters and uses OpenQuery to create a record in an AS400 DB2 table.   It works fine from my development server ( MS/SQL 2008 R2 ) but not from my production server ( MS/SQL 2008 R2 ).  The Linked Server to the AS400 is identical on both servers.  My production server returns this error:

A syntax error was detected at token ..  Token . is not a valid token.

The SPROC is attached.

I'm calling it as follows:

declare @result smallint
exec [dbo].[sprocAS400_Insert] 'VALUE1', 'VALUE-2', 'VALUE-0-3', 'VALUE4', 24, @result OUTPUT
select @result

above works fine but only from my test server.  The full error message ( also attached ) doesn't give me anything to go on - any suggestions?
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ste5anSenior Developer

Why not using the DATETIME value directly, instead of you manual conversion?
VP Technology / Senior Consultant
I don't think DB2 likes the "." delimiter in "prodlib.mstable".  By defaule, the AS/400 DB2 delimiter is a "/".  The type of delimeter (and other important factors in how the query is interpreted) is controlled by the NAMING FORMAT selected when the connection is created.

I suspect that in your dev environment, the linked server is configured for *SQL naming format ("." delimiter), and in your prod environment it is configured for *SYS (system) naming format ("/" delimiter).

Take a look at the linked server configurations on each and make sure they match.

- Gary
Vitor MontalvãoIT Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2017

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