Multiple Sharepoint 2013 Content Types for Projects

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I plan on storing project documents such as Scope docs, Business Requirement docs, Technical Design Docs, Status Update docs, etc. Would I create a Project Parent Content Type, and then have child content types for the docs I mention above.

Alternative would I just have 1 Content Type called projects and create a site column called Project Document Type.  Note I would not anticpate I would ever create a new document for these content type(s), I would only be uploading docs to these content types.

I have read that you should not create too many content types which I understand, but I also want to balance out the searchability factor with the usability factor.
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this depends a lot on your needs. E.g. if you want to have different workflows depending on the document type I would rather create different content types than just using a site column.

Another nice feature is the possibility to associate a template to the (document) content type hence creating new documents will become very easy.

As we are not talking about 20+ content types I would prefer them - and not the document type site column.

Just my 2ct


Thanks Rainer, but overall for the subsite how many content types should I aim for...thx

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