NVidia video card to fit S5000PSLSATAR ?


I have the following system:

Intel - S5000PSLSATAR
Intel S5000PSLSATAR Server Board, I5000P/6xSATA/8xFBDIMM/2xGigaLAN/VIDEO/RAID 0, 1, 10/XEON 5XXX
Form Factor: SSI EEB 3.6, 12 x 13 inch / 305 x 330 mm

I would like to buy a new NVidia video card. Nothing special just enough that I
can down Windows 10 drivers for.

My problem is I am not sure if any of the current video cards will work?

So will it work ?

What specification should I be looking for so I know the cards will fit
in the slot.


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You have PCI-express x16 slot on your motherboard (in fact two of those), so any modern video card should work (except in case that card is incompatible with motherboard - rare case). :)
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Depends upon your case more than the motherboard.
whorsfallAuthor Commented:

Thanks for that - I double checked the specs - are you sure it would fit? (Assuming the case is ok)

I say that because the specs say:

Max # of PCI Express Lanes  4
PCIe x4 Gen 1.x  1
PCIe x8 Gen 1.x  3

Aren't current cards x16 - and does the x factor also define the card lentgth - unless I was mistaken.

I say this as a computer shop said it would never fit when I asked them as the current cards connector
the PCB edge that plugs into the mother board is too long. (or the slot is too short on the motherboard)


If you use link that you gave - support overview - S5000PSL and S5000XSL Technical Product Specification - you can find Technical Product Specification [PDF] that I checked before posting - on page 13 (in document page 2)
Two full-length/full-height PCI Express* x16 (x8 throughput) slots
Slot position - pages 16 - 17 (in document pages 5 - 6)
So, if documentation is correct, you can certainly insert GPU in slot, and most of GPUs can run on those slots. Many motherboards with 2xPCI express x16 slots had just one slot with x16 throughput, and the second was with x8 throughput. Usually there were no any issues for running any GPU in slot with x8 throughput (not that I am aware of).

Read for example article - you can see performance difference for running nvidia GTX 980 in x16, x8 or x4 throughput for gaming. :)

I don't know why documentation is different on Technical Product Specification, and on your link.
To me looks like that on first link Intel gave just throughput (3x8, 1x4  throughput ), and on detailed specification - slot size and throughput per slot (it is again the same 3x8, 1x4 throughput) .

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To resolve any issue, just check length of slot - if it is really x16 slot just measure it -  if ti is around 89 mm that's it
Wiki - PCI Express - Card pins and lengths
PCI express ×16                - 89 mm 	

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