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Needing to find a mobile notifications app as a tool to bring attention to various news worthy and news alerts.  The department director’s vision is to draw attention to information we web publish.  The end user would have ability to configure their app for only items of their personal interest.  

I see needing some backend push notification script that would hand out snippets or tweets with a link back the the website for more detail if requested by end user.  The data format would obviously need to be designed for mobile screen viewing and include text, audio, and video options.   I think ideally, at the same time these headlines and short articles are published, a script runs that would do the push notification.

Hopefully already something out there?    Maybe WhatsAPP kind of thing?   The website is done with WordPress.
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If the site is built on WordPress then you may want to look at AppPresser and similar WP-to-mobile app plugins/services:

They're not free and, in many cases, not cheap either but they can be made to work with enough sweat equity on your side.  

However, the best results will always be building it yourself.  WordPress can be set to use a JSON API to make all content available to other applications.  A competent app developer should be able to build what you are describing for less than $20,000.
Jason C. Levine: You gave a great solution. I also need a mobile notification app and my web site is based on Word press, so i used the idea which you shared and its working.

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