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Blue Tooth / iPhone 6

I have a late model Toyota with Blue Tooth. I want to download my iPhone6 contacts list to Blue Tooth.

I have "paired" my phone with Blue Tooth according to the instructions in the vehicle.

When I try to make a call, it says "Dial by Number, Dial by Name". Obviously, I want to dial by name, I don't have all the phone numbers memorized.

How can I download the iPhone contacts list?
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The contacts should download automatically  to the car once connected.
I believe Bluetooth uses contact information stored on the SIM card.
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Akinsd is right.
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The contacts DO NO auto download.

I tried setting it up yesterday, when it says "Dial by Name", it only has ONE name, (it is a contact), don't know how it got that one, I have maybe 75.

No, he's wrong.
The iPhone doesn't store ANY information, including contacts, on the SIM card.

To answer the original question:  Exactly WHICH "late model Toyota," with which sound system, and exactly WHICH iPhone?  It matters.  Not all combinations of phones and Toyotas will be able to transfer the phone's contact list to the car's system via bluetooth.

You can check compatibility for your exact Toyota and your exact iPhone here:

Once you have entered the info about your car, audio system, and phone, take a look under "Hands free," and see if it shows that "Transfer multiple phonebook entries to the multimedia system at once" is marked as compatible.
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Searching for simmanager in the apple (app) store is a waste of time, since it's not there.  It's only for jailbroken iPhones, and is not distributed through the app store.
simmanager = EC Backup.

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The Toyota IS A 2013 Sienna LE.

The iPhone is an iPhone 6.
So did you check compatibility at that link?
To akahan,

The link tells me to do what I already did.

The phone is presumably paired, whatever that means.

Again, what I want is for the Blue Tooth on the vehicle to have my contacts & their phone number.

It seems to me that this is an obvious thing that everyone would want.

I don't understand why it is so complex.

I'm not sending you to the link so that it can tell you what to do or how to do it.  I'm sending you there so you can see if your phone and your car will actually work together to do what you want to do AT ALL.  In many cases, bluetooth will work to make calls, but will not work to transfer the address book... it depends on the degree of compatibility between the particular phone and the particular car.  So what I'm asking you to look at is the section, on that page, where it lists various features under "Hands free."   Please, after entering the info about your phone, your car, etc.,  look there and see if it shows that "Transfer multiple phonebook entries to the multimedia system at once" is marked as compatible.    If it's compatible, then you can do what you want to do, it's just a matter of figuring out how.  If it's not compatible, then you can't, unless, POSSIBLY, you can use the app akinds pointed you to, copy your address book to the SIM card, in which case the car MIGHT be able to copy the addresses from the SIM card.

See attached, so I guess it does not work (except maybe the SIM card approach).
Right, so it's worth knowing that it's NOT that you are somehow doing something wrong.  Rather, if you're going to get it to work, you'll have to use a "workaround", by trying, for example, adinsd's method.  The thing to understand is that these workarounds are not in any way intended or endorsed by either Toyota or Apple, and you'll be a little bit on your own.  Unfortunately, lots of things aren't 100% compatible with lots of other things.