Same desktop across unconnected computers

I was hopeful that using my Microsoft account to sign-in would allow me to see the same desktop on my computer that I might be able to see if logging in using that same account from another computer.  Is it possible to have the same desktop items, and sticky notes show up on more than one computer without running on a traditional domain?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Not at this time, no.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
You could try and put the icons on OneDrive, create a 'Desktop' folder in there and open that. Where sticky notes are stored exactly, I'm not sure of, so that would be a problem I think.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Sticky Notes are stored in C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt

If all the computers have identical user names, you can create a simple pair of batch files on your OneDrive that (a) Copy it to the OneDrive folder and (b) Copy it back to the PC.    You would, of course, have to be sure you kept it up-to-date on OneDrive or you could inadvertently wipe out the sticky notes on your PC by copying an older version.     You could, of course, make the batch file a bit "smarter" and have it only do the copy if the file you're copying is newer than the one on the destination.
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Actually, you can simply copy to/from %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt  and it won't matter if the user names are identical.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
This is what roaming profiles do.  This however, requires a Domain to be set up, with at least one domain controller. It also does not work well unless all machines logged into are pretty much identical. It really does not work well outside of a well controlled corporate situation.

Roaming profiles also require a lot of bandwidth, since a heap of stuff needs to be copied up and down and login and logoff. Even on a Gb LAN, users notice the delay. Roaming profiles across the 'net are therefore not going to be practical.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
No domain needed if all he wants to do is sync the sticky notes => the stickynotes.snt file tends to be very small (a few KB in most cases) and is easily copied up/down to the cloud in a matter of seconds.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
"see the same desktop" would imply more than that.

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