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How to remove wan miniport and reset networking in windows 10


I have Windows 10 pro 64 bit version. I have around 6 wan miniport and I am unable to use wifi to connect to the internet.

How do I remove the WAN miniports in Windows 10 pro 64 bit. Is there a tool to remove wan miniport?

After removing the wan miniports, I want to reset networking to the original state that was there after windows 10 was installed. Is there any tool to reset networking in windows 10 pro 64 bit?

Please reply to this question asap.

Thanks and Regards,
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I have already tried it, but I get 4 mbps speed on a 100 mpbs plan. I read that wan miniport adapters should be either removed or repaired for my internet connection to work in an optimized way.

Please suggest any tool to remove the wan miniports from my network adapters list in the device manager.
you can uninstall them one by one from Device Manager.

After uninstalling the WAN miniports using the device manager, they reappear again as they are considered as plug and play hardware.

Please suggest a tool or the process to remove WAN miniports using the registry.
these are driver's components, uninstall each and every thing in "Network Adapter" and try to install driver manually by clicking update driver when the components become yellowed in "Network Adapter" after uninstalling every thing.

Performing a clean install works. Thanks for your inputs. Regards, Sriram.K
If after uninstalling, it appears again, disable the Remote Access Connection Manager and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service in Services and restart, it should go under hidden devices. Also you can manually remove entries from registry under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet>Control> Class>{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} but it should be done if you are an expert and also also backing up the registry.
Thanks a lot;
deleted eight WAN miniport registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet>Control> Class>{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}, and then uninstalled the eight in device manager.
my pc is allright now.
Best regards
The above answer will fix it but it is not the entire story. The extra drivers appear as soon as you go into the VPN menu. I have 2 identical computers, one with and one without these drivers. I went into the VPN (Network Settings, Network & Internet, VPN), and I turned off everything on the one with -- then restarted and they went away. Conversely, on the one without, I went into the VPN setting and without changing anything, all the extra drivers came up. I have another problem where the hotspot is not working on one, but this did not solve it. Anyway, the extra drivers seem benign, as they did not affect the PC that was already working OK.