how to execute curl in bash script within a function.

I'm trying to execute curl in bash script within a function.

If I pass in endpoint as an argument to the function and use it within the function it fails with "curl: (1) Unsupported protocol: 'http"
However, if I execute with hardcoded executes fine.

pls help

function callCurl(){

  url=$1 #Receive 'http://hostname:8080/job/job1/buildWithParameters?arg1=true&arg2=Full'

  curl -v --user user:xxx ${url} # This one fails with below error
  sleep 10
  curl -v --user user:xxx 'http://hostname:8080/job/job1/buildWithParameters?arg1=true&arg2=Full' # This works fine.


callCurl 'http://hostname:8080/job/job1/buildWithParameters?arg1=true&arg2=Full'

* Unsupported protocol: 'http
curl: (1) Unsupported protocol: 'http
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enthuguyAuthor Commented:
hi brendanmeyer, that worked ...thanks a lot. :)

hats off to EE
enthuguyAuthor Commented:
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for the following reason:

Thanks for your quick help. That really helped
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Please select my post as the correct answer, as stated in your comment
South ModModeratorCommented:

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EE Moderator
enthuguyAuthor Commented:
hi brendanmeyer, apologies.
not sure what went wrong.

Yes, you solution worked. Thx again.
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