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Best practice for Pri and Alt DNS settings for multiple site with ADI

Just wanted to know the best configuration for DNS Primary and Alternate  DNS settings in DCs in second/third logical site
Set up:
One local Domain, 3 physical sites, 2 Domain controllers in each site (All Domain controllers set as Global Catalogues, & DNS (Active Directory integrated zone))
Active Directory subnetted into 3 logical sites.

Site one:
Server 1      DNS Pri        Alt DNS
Server 2      DNS Pri       Alt DNS

Site two:
Server 1      DNS Pri  or       Alt DNS
Server 2      DNS Pri  or    Alt DNS

Site three:
Server 1      DNS Pri  or       Alt DNS      
Server 2      DNS Pri  or      Alt DNS

For site Two, Would I set the Pri DNS on the first domain controller to site Two's second domain controller, or would I set it to site one's first DC?
Same applies for site Three
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Jeremy Weisinger

Assuming all DC's are also DNS and you're running AD Integrated, DC's should point to themselves for primary DNS lookups. Secondary can be the other DC in the site.... butttt I cannot think of a scenario where having a secondary DNS server specified actually be of some benefit. The loopback address on the DC should be sufficient and if the DNS service fails, then you're going to have issues that you need to deal with. Not sure what you gain by having the DC able to failover to another DNS server.
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Will Szymkowski
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Many thanks for the information, very clear and easy to understand.
Much appreciated.
(Thank you also Jeremy for your reply)