Domain time did not fall back -- Server 2008R2

Our Server 2008R2 Domain did not fall back over the weekend and the domain is now an hour ahead.  PCD emulator is not sync'd to an outside time server.  How can I get the domain back in time sync with out disrupting service or crashing the domain?
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dustypenguinAuthor Commented:
There are 3 other domain servers (2008R2) as well, FYI
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
2008R2 should have the 2007 DST fix.  Was this upgraded from 2003?

The problem is, if everything is happy, that means that the 1 hour off is machine time correct.  If you move the clock, you're going to have domain issues.  I'd wait until after hours....

If you have to, set your time zone off one hour so the user sees the correct time.
dustypenguinAuthor Commented:
This is not an upgrade, so I am pretty sure the DST fix is not an issue.  

Strangely, when one opens the clock from the task bar, it says "Daylight Savings Time ended on Sunday, November 01, 2015 at 2:00 AM.  The clock went back 1 hour at that time.", but it obviously did not.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Have you tried to restart the Windows Time service on the PDC?

I would also be checking the Event Viewer as well to see if there is any reference to the time issue on your server.

Do you have the DC syncing to an external time source that could potentially be wrong?  Is your time zone also set correctly?

From a command line, you can run

w32tm /query /peers

to see if/who the DC is syncing to.  I'd recommend updating it to if you need a reliable time source.  

Here's what we run on DCs to sync them to an outside source reliably.  Once this DC is good, restart time services on all other machines.  As choward16980 said, I'd do this off-hours as the other DCs aren't going to be happy.  I'm wondering if shutting down the other DCs first wouldn't be a bad move then bring them back up once the time on the PDC is good.

From a command line -

1. net stop w32time
2. w32tm /unregister
3. w32tm /register
4. net start w32time
5. Re-check w32tm /query /peers - should be empty.
6. w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:"" /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update

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THis is very odd, like other experts as stated this should not be an issue expecially with an upgrade.  Have you checked your event logs and/ or checked to see your time services to see if it is running
THe following article I found talks about the DST change and how is could affect AD authentication...

In short it appears AD really relises on UTC time and the display time the user sees is a represention. SO if your UTC time zone is correct and you update the time on our PDC all other servers and workstations should sync up.. But right now we need to find out why your servers time did not change
Compdigit44 -

Just keep in mind that OTHER applications don't always utilize UTC only.  I had a time issue with a system and got it sorted out, but Exchange hub transport went crazy and we needed to restart it (Minor, but fyi.)  Same deal with Goldmine on the same server.
dustypenguinAuthor Commented:
So.  Without knowing what would happen by just going back an hour on the PDC emulator, I have been going back 3 minutes at a time (a normal file stamp error fudge, I have read) and letting everything sync back up.  This has been going well, even though this maybe a gorky solution.

The larger issue is indeed that the PDC was only syncing to "LOCL", and will change that to the as suggested by dipersp, since we use in our xenserver hosts.

Will let you know how it all goes ultimately.
dustypenguinAuthor Commented:
It's been stable now for a week, and things look ok.  
Synced to timeservers.  
Adjusting the time back incrementally ultimately worked fine but was a pain.
Root cause, I believe was that the FSMO roles were transferred to this machine at some point and time services were not reconfigured for the authoritive time server role that the machine became.

Thanks for the help!
Just checking - any reason for the b grade?  Anything that could have been done better?
dustypenguinAuthor Commented:
I guess while we were hitting all around the fixes we never got to a definitive "when this happens do this" ... Nothing bad, just thought we were all incomplete.

Make sense?
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