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My Dell INspiron is once again having OS problems.  Not long ago I replaced harddrive and reintalled Windows and all programs.  Well I am having problems again.  I have decided to purchase a new system for my business.  

Looking for recommendations for a business system besides Dell?  All of my Dell systems have seemed to have a problems.

Also, any experience with Windows 10?  Not sure if I will have an option of Wind 8 or Wind 10.

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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
I wouldn't blame Dell for the shortcomings of Windows 8.x.   It's not been a pleasant experience for anyone.
simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
I am not blaming Dell, I have had several Dell machines 2 laptops and 1 desktop and my laptops have crashed, now my desktop is once again needing a complete install.  

It is 5 years old, I would like a new desktop instead of putting more time in this old one.

Can someone suggest another business desktop besides Dell?
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
How big/how expensive/how powerful?

Here is the HP line:

If you can post your typical usage we can make less general recommendations.

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simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
I want something that is a lasting investment!  I am a Financial Advisor and at any given time I may have 8 programs opened and 9 internet pages running.

I currently have Dell Inspiron 660, Running Windows 8.1, 3.4 GH Intel Core i3-3240
8 Gigs Ram

Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
I would suggest upgrading to an i5:

What it lacks is a SSD. I would advise you buy an Intel/Samsung SSD (250GB) and use it for the system and applications. It makes your system way more responsive.

PS: When you have all your programs opened, check in Task Manager how much memory you are using. If over 6GB, then you should add another 8GB to the new system, for a total of 16GB.

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simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
Dan, any preference in manufacturers?

HP, Lenevo...?
I use Dell OptiPlex for desktops, HP for Proliant Servers and Lenovo for Thinkpad laptops.  You need to stick to the business lines of machines.  

We very rarely have failures with the above systems.  Rarely.  We've moved all laptops and desktops to SSDs.  Not only are they MUCH more powerful, but hard drive failures are (basically) a thing of the past.  Spend the money and do the SSD.

If you do the Dell OPTIPLEX, you'll be fine.  Absolutely do the SSD, at least the 256GB SSD.  If you think you need more storage, add a second drive for photos, music, etc.  You can do two drives in the OptiPlex 9020 for example.  Don't bother with the hybrid drives.  SSD for your boot/program/main docs drive, and a secondary mechanical for storage, if needed.

i5 at a minimum, and 8GB of ram should be fine for more.
simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
This is what I am looking at -- any comments?

      1       OptiPlex 9020 Mini Tower             
      1       16GB (2x8GB) 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC             
      1       No Keyboard Selected             
      1       No Monitor             
      1       Intel Integrated Graphics, Dell OptiPlex             
      1       No Wireless             
      1       256GB 2.5 inch Serial ATA Solid State Drive, OptiPlex             
      1       Cable for SATA HDD and 2nd HH ODD, OptiPlex             
      1       Cable for SATA HDD, OptiPlex             
      1       Bracket for 2.5inch HDD, OptiPlex             
      1       Thank You for Choosing Dell             
      1       Win 10 Pro 64 English, French, Spanish             
      1       No mouse selected on your OptiPlex system             
      1       No Bcom required             
      1       16X Half Height DVD+/-RW Drive             
      1       Internal Dell Business Audio Speaker             
      1       No Wireless             
      1       System Power Cord (Philipine/TH/US)             
      1       Safety/Environment and Regulatory Guide (English)             
      1       No Special BIOS Setup Required             
      1       Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus Service             
      1       Onsite/In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis 3 Years             
338-BFIN       1       Intel Core i5-4590 Processor (Quad Core HT, 3.3GHz, 6MB, w/ HD Graphics 4600)             
658-BCSB       1       MicrosoMicrosoft(R) Office trial             
421-9984       1       Dell Data Protection Encryption Personal Edition Digital Delivery             
954-3466       1       Dell ProSupport for Software, Dell Data Protection Encryption Personal Edition, 3 Year             
401-AADG       1       256GB 2.5inch SATA Solid State Drive             
470-AAED       1       Cable for SATA HDD and 2nd HH ODD, OptiPlex             
329-BCKH       1       OptiPlex 9020 Minitower Chassis w/ up to 85 Percent Efficient PSU (Bronze V2)             
412-AAAV       1       Mini Tower, Chassis Performance Heatsink (95watts)             
387-BBCG       1       No ESTAR             
461-AAAZ       1       Chassis Intrusion Switch             
631-AABI       1       Intel vPro Technology Enabled             
389-BBWQ       1       Intel Core I5 vPro Label             
817-BBBN       1       NO RAID             
429-AAHB       1       No Optical Drive             
382-BBBZ       1       No Add On Card             
551-BBBJ       1       No Intel Responsive             
470-AAJL       1       NO ADAPTER             
658-BBVS       1       Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials for Windows with Media             
620-AAYW       1       W10P 64 OSRI DVD ROW             
340-AJFC       1       Kickstart Product Registration             
422-0008       1       Dell Data Protection System Tools Digital Delivery/DT             
525-BBCL       1       SupportAssist             
640-BBLW       1       Dell(TM) Digital Delivery Cirrus Client             
658-BBMQ       1       Enable Low Power Mode             
658-BBMR       1       Dell Client System Update (Updates latest Dell Recommended BIOS, Drivers, Firmware and Apps),OptiPlex             
658-BBNH       1       Waves Maxx Audio             
658-BCUV       1       OS Recovery             
340-ABJI       1       No Diagnostic/Recovery CD media             
340-ADBJ       1       Thank You for Choosing Dell             
650-AAHJ       1       No Anti-Virus software             
525-0052       1       Adobe Acrobat Standard DC             
340-ADBJ       1       Thank You for Choosing Dell             
340-ABKW       1       No Quick Reference Guide             
389-BCCV       1       Regulatory Label             
389-BCGW       1       No UPC Label             
340-ABVE       1       Shipping Material for System,Minitower,Dell OptiPlex             
332-1286       1       US Order             
998-BLQL       1       Fixed Hardware Configuration             
610-BBDZ       1       Flexible Catalog Config 02, OptiPlex 9020 MT             
634-BENZ       1       No DDP|ESS Software             
*             -DISCOUNT/COUPON APPL             
A7275500       1       Kingston MobileLite Wireless - Network media streaming adapter - USB - USB 2.0       $53.99       
Subtotal:       $1,614.64
Shipping & Handling:       $0.00
Tax:       $133.22
State Environmental Fee:       $0.00
Total Price w/Discounts:       $1,747.86
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Looks good.

One thing I would add is a 1-2 TB HDD, to store large files (movies, pictures, etc).
The 256 GB on the SSD might not be enough if you don't keep only documents on it.
Seems fine to me.  Depending on what you're doing with the machine, you may want to spend the money to up to a true graphics card (Since you also dumped 16 GB of RAM in the machine.)
Let me further Dan's comment.  I dislike having two drives, but did that for a while - 128GB SSD and 1TB mechanical.  I did that because early on, SSDs were insanely expensive.  They've gotten MUCH more reasonable.

My most recent Dell - I got the cheapest HD from Dell I could.  Then I bought a 1TB from Crucial (MX200).  This brought my Dell price down (Because they're selling SSDs for way too much.)  Then I just mirrored the mechanical drive from Dell on to the SSD so I could have the Dell image (Or you could just reinstall Windows from scratch.)

For me, 1TB is just fine for what I do.

Just thought I'd mention that.
simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
Thank you dipersp and Mr. Craciun!  

I am investing in this system and want it to last for more than 4 yrs that's why the 16GB of Ram.  I am a financial adviser and can have 9 programs open at any given time as well as 12 web pages.  

I am certain I am able to mirror but I am so busy it would just take too much time.  I am purchasing 2 SSDs per one EE Tech, one to run OS and programs and the other for docs, etc.  So you are suggesting getting one SSD for OS & programs and a mechanical drive for files?
An SSD for storing files, in my opinion, is a waste (As long as you have a backup system in place in case the mechanical drive fails.)  But short of rendering engineering drawings or having LARGE files to read/write, the SSD isn't worth it for storing music, pictures, documents, etc.  You want the SSD available to the operating system and programs.

At the same time, if you have money to burn, an extra SSD certainly won't hurt.

If you're running more than one monitor, I'd definitely recommend a real video card.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
If money is not a problem, you can go full SSD. You'll certainly feel the speed.
A SSD beats a mechanical hard drive in about every aspect except price.

For things like music collections, thousands of pictures of your children/grandchildren, rips of your documentary collections etc, meaning large files that you rarely use, a SSD is overkill.
simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
Guys, thank you so much!  I am running two monitors!

Really Appreciate It!

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