Simulating a hotel WiFi landing page - simple

Hi experts.

Though I feel able to setup some access point with proper authentication and all, I simply don't have the time right now. But still, it needs to be done, soon :)
So my question is: if I wanted to simulate a hotel wifi landing page the easiest possible way (for demonstration purposes only), what would I need to do (or what device would I have to buy)?

Authentication should simply be done with a password alone. Someone who knows that pw should be able to use the router while without knowing, all queries should be redirected to the landing page.
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Can you install DD-WRT on your router?  Or get one already installed with DD-WRT?

If so, what you are looking to do is called a "captive portal"...

A very simple one can be embedded directly in the router, more complex pages are set up on an external server with a handshake back to the router to allow the visitor to exit the sandbox. This page has a decent tutorial covering the basics of all three DD-WRT captive portal (or "hotspot") options, NoCat for simple pages, ChilliSpot for more complex environments and Sputnik for a commercial turnkey option. I'd recommend NoCat for a first attempt, then work your way up.

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McKnifeAuthor Commented:

Will see if we have one DD-WRT free at this time - quite surely no, but will see in 8 hours.
Surely, we can buy another.
Another idea: do you know if there is an app for mobile phones that could turn simple tethering into a landing page?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can setup Untangle in a VM - that offers captive portal functionality (amongst a variety of other UTM functionality).
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McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Lee, but how would that VM be used as an access point, then? Wireless network equipment inside a VM?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Ah, you want it to actually provide wifi - not just the landing page... right now, I don't think it does that... but I do believe they said it would be supporting that in an upcoming version.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Too bad. But maybe you can help me with another old question I have, it's this
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
n2fc, since we decided to offer a guest WLAN anyway, what router would you recommend?
It would need to be able to feed about 15 persons at a time maximum and we'd be happy if configuration of the landing page and authentication would be rather simple.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
No further response?
The dd-wrt software is not applicable to many modern routers, the choice of devices that you can buy as new is very limited. So again: what router is recommended to feed about 15 persons at a time maximum and we'd be happy if configuration of the landing page and authentication would be rather simple?
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Not much insight gained. Project got delayed here, sort of. Thanks
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