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Does anybody know how to fix the mail applet in the Windows control panel?

Current System Information
Windows 7 64-Bits
MS Office 2010

When opening the control panel the mail icon is missing. I can acces the applet trough running
c:\Windows\SysWOW64\control.exe mlcfg32.cpl

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but i would like to know if there is someone that created  a script that fixed the issue permanently?

Thanks in advance!


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Mark Eggink
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Has it always been missing, or is it a recent thing?

Take a look at this Microsoft article which explains how to add the .Cpl to the registry:-

Because this article reference Office 2013, change any occurrences of Office15 to Office14
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@Chris Millard

Thanks for the link.
But it's not quite what i'm looking for.
I was in search for a script that could fix the issue automatically.
I have post the .Reg file in my comment on the original question so other people can use it. and hopefully help them with the same issue.