Qlik Sense and Touch Enabled Devices

Okay, on a regular monitor if you hover over charts in Qlik Sense, the values are shown in tool tips, and I see that on touch devices there are no hover over tool-tips displayed, as hover over is not a possible action.  Okay then, how do I roll out a Qlik Sense Application to the company where we have multiple Operating Systems on laptops out there.  The directions to turn off the touch functionality is different depending on OS used.  Hopefully I am not forced to teach each user how to turn on/off the touch functionality on their laptops as that would take forever and I know that users will not want to do that every time they use my app.

Has anyone found a better way to handle this issue with Qlik Sense?  If you are missing the "tool tip" feature to see the underlying data values, then you are missing a key point to any chart.
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I see mention that Qlik Sense is responsive in the way that it adapts the sizes of objects to the resolution being used.
Do the screen resolutions vary on your different devices?
GWA007Author Commented:
Yes the screens redraw correctly based on the platform being used.  The issue seems to be that touch enabled devices do not offer a way for a tool tip to be displayed...once the touch functionality of a device is turned off, the charts function as expected and the underlying data is displayed on a hover event via the tool tip.
This is not specific to Qlik Sense but the issue may parallel it:

You are trying to make an application built with desktops in mind work well on a touch screen without changing your basic design, which may not be possible.

On a desktop, you have multiple ways to trigger actions on something (click and mouse over), while on a touch screen you (basically) only have one--tapping. There is no way around this limitation.

If you must use the same design for both platforms, you should start by creating a good design for touch screens, and then adapting it to desktop. This will be much easier, because the touch screen interface is the more restrictive of the two. Most touch screen interfaces can simply be used on a desktop without modification. Right now, you are trying the reverse.

Besides the mouse-over problem, your design has other potential issues on touch, like controls that will be too small to use.

Given that a calendar is one of the basic apps available on every single touch screen device, you should really just look at how these calendars work and emulate them. Not only will it save you from having to re-invent a solution to this problem, it will also result in a design that is more familiar to the user.

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There is a Qlik community.
GWA007Author Commented:
At this time there appears to be no Qlik Sense answer for this issue.  The way that I am handling the issue is to have each user of Qlik Sense disable their touch screen functionality.  Of course they then need to enable their HID - compliant touch screen again after using Qlik Sense...not ideal but it works.

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GWA007Author Commented:
Our hands are tied when looking for a good solution to this question, touch enabled devices have no hover effect capability.
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