How do I print resource column on overflow task page in calendar view of Project 2013

When I print my project in calendar, it prints an overflow summary tasks page.  This page does not show the person(s) assigned to the task. How do you add this resource column to this page?
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If you go to the calendar view, you can right click on the bar and there you can format the bar.
Inside the dialog, you can select Resource name as field and the calendar show the resource name inside the bar.
rsharrisAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response, however,  it does not resolve my issue. I reformatted the bar with the resource name before I posted the question. The resource name shows on the bar, but,  I want the names to show on the overflow page.
Can you post an example (picture), just to make sure I understand your question in the right way?
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rsharrisAuthor Commented:
Attached is a print screen of the task overflow page
The Reports in MS Project 2013 are mostly graphical reports, this looks like an old style report from earlier versions of MS Project.

Can you tell me exactly how you create this report?
Just for me to reproduce?
rsharrisAuthor Commented:
From the default ribbon ,  in  the View Group, I change from Gantt Chart to Calendar, then I File, Print.
It prints a calendar by month  with an overflow task page.
I guess I printed this way, but will check again tomorrow ;-)
I remember only the graphical page, not what you sent as picture...
Ok, I made exactly the same, but no task overflow there...
I guess the reason why you see this has several reasons.

First at all the report you posted is not included in MS Project 2013...There are only graphical reports...
MS Project 2010 has such table based reports.

But you can create your own report and insert everything what is in the project, even old stuff.

If the project was created with MS Project 2010 all the used older content still resides in the Project and even can be used in MSP 2013.
If you migrated from MS project 2010 to 2013, you will be ask if you want to take over content, so depended from your decision, even older custom elements (not the default ones) are copied into the 2013 Global. Nevertheless the project has priority over the Global (with some exceptions).

You may look into the organizer so see what is in there, in the project as well as in the Global, Also have the same look (and try to print), if you create a new project.

If both projects print equal, the report definition is in the Global If the projects print different, the global is fine and the report definition is included in the project itself.

So, what you can do depends from, what you want to have.
You can delete all reports from the local file will remove the report and reloads the definition form the Global.
If the custom report is in the Global, you have to open the Global and change the report there.
So if you have a graphical view beside the list view, the view is changed in MS Project 2013.

If you delete the global.mpt (Enterprise Global in MS Project Server can not be deleted), you reset everything to default, but also your global settings are away (the project specific settings will stay...

If you want to keep this report, but want to customize it, you have to open the source, where the reports resides with MS Project 2010 and change the settings there.  After the change you can open it again with 2013. If it resides in the global.mpt, you have to copy it over with the Organizer.

Wording: I said "Global" for the global.mpt file (offline) or Enterprise Global (MS Project Server).

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