Improve Import and Export of database.

Hi ,

  I am want to improve the Import and Export of a database schema from PROD to a QA database.    I am using the standard imp/exp through  Cloud Control.   I guess it uses impdp/expdp.

  The current version is  , below the SQL from exp from the Cloud

   I need any tips or recommendations to improve performance of import and export and syntax required.

  h1   NUMBER;
     h1 := (operation => 'EXPORT', job_mode => 'SCHEMA', job_name => 'TEST', version => 'COMPATIBLE');
    dbms_datapump.set_parallel(handle => h1, degree => 1);
    dbms_datapump.add_file(handle => h1, filename => 'test.LOG', directory => 'E_DRIVE_APPLMS', filetype => 3);
    dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle => h1, name => 'KEEP_MASTER', value => 0);
    dbms_datapump.metadata_filter(handle => h1, name => 'SCHEMA_EXPR', value => 'IN(''PLATEAUDEV'')');
    dbms_datapump.add_file(handle => h1, filename => 'test%U.DMP', directory => 'E_DRIVE_APPLMS', filetype => 1);
    dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle => h1, name => 'INCLUDE_METADATA', value => 1);
    dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle => h1, name => 'DATA_ACCESS_METHOD', value => 'AUTOMATIC');
    dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle => h1, name => 'ESTIMATE', value => 'BLOCKS');
    dbms_datapump.start_job(handle => h1, skip_current => 0, abort_step => 0);
    dbms_datapump.detach(handle => h1);
joe_echavarriaDatabase AdministratorAsked:
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
if it's enterprise ... then try higher degree for parallel
    dbms_datapump.set_parallel(handle => h1, degree => 4);

there is 3 items to look at
export time
copy time to dest
import time

exporting in parallel can help
building the indexes in parallel can also help after import

check the docs for more clues

what times have you got now, for what size
it might help to analyze the log to see where time is spent

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joe_echavarriaDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Geert Gruwez for your reply.

When you say "building the indexes in parallel can also help after import ",      should the indexes be all disable before importing ? , if so , how to build the indexes in parallel after the import ?

I do not know how exactly the time is taking now, because it is a new assignment for me to improve it.

How do we analyze the log to see where time is spent ?

Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
You will have to give us some more information including:
1. How long does this process take now?  Is that: 5 minutes; 5 hours; 5 days, etc.?
2. How big is/are the dump file(s)?
3. What kind of storage system(s) do your source and target databases use?  Is that: local disk, NAS, SAN, flash, etc.?
4. Do you use ASM in one or both of these databases?
5. How much time is spent now for the export and how much for the import us index rebuild?  Also, do you need to copy the export from one system to another in between?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>You will have to give us some more information including:

6: Is there network connectivity between the systems?  If so, look at NETWORK_LINK and you don;t need to actually create the DMP file.
joe_echavarriaDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Exporting in parallel and building the indexes in parallel helped to improve the process , and it now takes 2 hours left.
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