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I am trying to enumerate all the event logs on a server and get 10 newest events from each log. I have something like this. I need some help with this. How do I enumerate the different logs such as System, Application, Directoryservice, FileReplication etc...

I need to replace $Logs with some dynamic code that will enumerate all the event logs on a machine.

$Logs ="System", "Application"

Foreach ($log in $logs) {
#Pull 10 newest events and store it in a file.

Thanks for your assistance.
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You can use Get-WinEvent -ListLog *.  A single command would be like:
Get-WinEvent -ListLog * | % { Get-WinEvent -LogName $_.logname -MaxEvents 10 }

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Parity123Author Commented:
I am trying to get the time difference between the oldest event and the newest event and convert this into minutes, Could you please give me a hand.

$timedifference-in-minutes = newest event - oldest event
This really should be asked as a new question, however...

Each event should have a "timecreated" property, which is a datetime object.  You just need to subtract the old from the new, which will give you a timespan object, which has a "totalminutes" property.  Quick example:
$e = Get-WinEvent -LogName "application" -MaxEvents 10
($e[0].TimeCreated - $e[-1].TimeCreated).TotalMinutes

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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
$systemlog = Get-EventLog -LogName System -Newest 10 
$applog = Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Newest 10

$all = $systemlog + $applog

$all | Sort-Object TimeGenerated -Descending | 
ft Index,Timegenerated,EntryType,Source,InstanceID,Message -AutoSize

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Parity123Author Commented:
When I am dividing current size / totalminutes I get a value output as 2.134523e-05 instead how do I get as 0.000000214 etc.
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