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I'm going to be managing a software contract that involves a software rewrite.   I need to initially (soon) provide a large amount of RFP information to the prospective development vendors, followed at some point by the code.  I would like to do this using security that  is greater than email but less than public key encryption.

I'm thinking of getting DropBox, Box, SugarSync or similar service, with an access URL to the shared folder, and then a password to get into the shared folder (which will be communicated securely.)

These services will also be used for general back-and-forth file sharing.  It will only be for 6 months.   I don't want to use the syncing or backup functions of these services; just file sharing.   $10/month is not a problem.

Any recommendations about which service, or thoughts about this entire approach, would be appreciated.

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As usual, it depends :)  Are the downstream people inside or outside of your firewall, I presume latter.  That probably rules out SharePoint.  Is the content static, or refreshed?  If refreshed, what's changing (revisions vs. new content).  Will any vendor collaborate by posting to the file share, or modifying a document?

What is the impact of the file store being hacked?  Do you have a backup and recovery process just in case?  Or IOW what would Dropbox do when the contents disappear overnight?

For a RFP, my opinion is that a cloud-based file store is a simple, temporary, and cheap solution.  I tend to favor Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive for collaboration, with somewhat similar security to what you've specified.  Files are either read-only or RW depending upon the URL you give out.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
Commented: would be perfect.

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