How to create java threads with multiple start and run signatures


with reference to the following question

I need some examples on how the start and run methods can have different signatures

i.e how can I pass arguments to run() and start() without creating static variables
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You implement Runnable and/or Callable. The classes you create and submit to the executor can have whatever members you need. Those would be filled by the ctor

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anshumaEngineeringAuthor Commented:
Can you please attach some sample pseudo code
anshumaEngineeringAuthor Commented:
What is ctor
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mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
Basically, you define a custom Runnable class such as this (a simple example)...

public class SendEmailTask implements Runnable {
    private String to;
    private String message;

    public SendEmailTask(String to, String message) { = to;
        this.message = message;

    public void run() {
        // Have your code to create and send your email, you can use the variables 'to' and 'message'
        //   to populate the email message

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And when your request comes in and you want to schedule your delayed task, you can do this (borrowing a bit from Doug's code in the previous question)...

m_executor.schedule(new SendEmailTask("", "Hi Joe, Here is an email!!"), 1, TimeUnit.MINUTES);

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You implement Runnable and/or Callable.
That, of course, should have said

You implement Runnable or Callable.

What is ctor
ctor == constructor
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