Mailbox and Email address

Hi Experts,

I have received the following requirement from management and working for a solution.

1.      User1 is using head office account ( to send/receive email
2.      User1 will be moved from Head office to Brach office for that advised to create a new mailbox in Branch
3.      In that case User1 will have Branch office AD/Exchange account ( but the requirement is User1 should be able to send/receive email using (, meaning that will be the user’s primary SMTP email address for sending/receiving email but User1 mailbox will be sitting on

Could you please advise the following procedure would be ok or am I missing something?

Branch office domain:
1.      Will have to create new mailbox for the user1 but need to change the primary SMTP address as
2.      Branch office needs to create an Accepted Domain for with Internal relay
3.      Branch office needs to create a send connector for pointing to SMART Host of the MX record IP address

Head office domain:
1.      Will have to forward e-mail to that mailbox (  since users mailbox is not sitting on mailbox but not sure how, do I forward email to  by creating a contact object to the users secondary email address?

Mainly I need to ensure send/receive email for the address but the user mailbox will be sitting on the
I need to test for MSoutlook, OutlookAnywhere,Active Sync, Webmail etc.
Note: Headoffice and branchoffice both are using exchange 2010.
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I am not sure how you have anything setup yet, but the *easiest* option would be:

Add as another accepted domain in Exchange

Just add email address to User1 mailbox, leave the email as primary, and be done with it.
ipsec600Author Commented:
Thank you billunger for your prompt reply. The problem is management want to have  the user account and mailbox created in So the user account will be part of brachoffice active directory and exchange servers.

Existing case:>will be moved to>Management wants to create a new account for that user>> But I need to provide solution to users so that he can use email address instead of sitting on the exchange environment.
I am not sure about the email flow and its impact, planning to define the steps first before testing.

Accepted domain:
In already there is an accepted domain exist for
In already there is an accepted domain exist for

i am confused about the incoming/outgoing email, how it's going to work?
ipsec600Author Commented:
Here is my plan:
Accepted Domain
1. Create accepted domain for in
2. Create accepted domain for in
Send Connector
1. Create send connector for in define the SMART Host for Headoffice
2. Create send connector for in define SMART host for branchoffice
User Account:
Branch Office
i. Create a new user account in AD with Mailbox in
ii. Change the user Primary SMTP address to
Head Office:
i Keep the existing mailbox
ii. Create a contact object for that user as
iii. Set forwarder in mailbox to

Now when though sitting on the mailbox will be sending email it will show to recipient as

But while the recipient will reply to this address, it will come to mailbox sitting on the since there is a forwarder to, user should receive email. I need to test though but any thought?

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ipsec600Author Commented:
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