Active Directory Trust still shows up on new 2012 DC after it was removed from the 2003 DC

I recently upgraded my W2k3 Forest\Domain to W2K2012 with no errors.  Replication is working fine between all of the DC's.  I now have 2 2003 DC's and 2 2012 DC's.  The FSMO roles are still on the 2003 DC's and I have not moved them over yet.  Today, I noticed an old 2 way external trust that was created to another domain that we no longer use so I successfully removed the trust while on the 2003 DC that was the FSMO role holder.  However, when I log into the new 2012 DC's and open AD Domains and Trusts the external trust is still there.  Additionally, when I look at the properties I get the response that the 'Trusted-Domain object cannot be found for the trust to domain xxxxx'

I also cannot create a new trust while on the 2012 server since the tab is greyed out.  So, it was clearly removed but for some reason the 2012 DC's still see it in some way.  I am not getting any replication errors or events.  I hesitate to move the FSMO roles to the new DC's until I can figure out why this is happening.

Any ideas.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
When you run "netdom query fsmo" what server is holding the "domain naming master role"?

This is the DC that creates/allows all of the Domain/Forest trust to be created.

If the trust has been removed and it is still present on the 2012 DC this is likely a replication issue or delay.

You can use the following commands to test replication...
- repadmin /replsum
- repadmin /showrepl
- repadmin /bridgeheads
- dcdiag /v

If there is anything wrong with the Domain Naming Master you will not be able to create new trusts. Also because the role is still on 2003 this is likely why you cannot create the trusts using 2012 (i cannot test this at the moment as i do not have this setup in my lab).

sagdocAuthor Commented:
The Domain naming master is still the old server, which is where I removed the trust.  Replsum, showrepl, and dcdiag runs fine with no errors anywhere.  I do have the option to create  a trust on the FSMO holder so I guess it makes sense for it not working on the 2012 yet until I move the DNM over to it.  I will wait a while to see what happens on the 2012 DC's...maybe it will just go away :)
sagdocAuthor Commented:
Some additional information since I first submitted this issue.

I have moved all of the FSMO roles over except the PDC to the new 2012 DC with no issues at all.  'Netdom query FSMO' on all the servers show the correct role holder which is the 2012 DC.  DCdiag \v on all the servers run fine and all tests pass.  

When I run 'Netdom query trust' on the 2 old 2003 DC's there are no trusts that exist, which is to be expected.  However, when I run the same command on the 2012 DC's it shows the old trust with the name of the domain in the Trusted\Trusting field and the Trusting Type field as blank.  The Direction field states 'Direct'.  

I also still cannot create a new trust on the 2012 servers since the trust box is greyed out.  What am I missing and how can I fix this.
sagdocAuthor Commented:
The Trust eventually went away on the 2012 server.

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sagdocAuthor Commented:
For some reason the trust went away after several days.
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